A win would be great, but not essential

A win against Ranger’s would be great as it would put us 12 points clear, which in my opinion would give the team an unassailable lead.
But if the unthinkable happens, and we lose or draw, it wouldn’t be a disaster, we would still be six points clear, well 7 points if you take into account our superior goal difference.
It feels odd going to Ibrox as favourites when normally the home team would be favoured to win.
The reason we go in as favourites is because Ange has done a remarkable job, not only recruitment wise, but also in the way he has galvanized this team into a winning juggernaut.
:shamrock: :green_heart: :muscle:

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I too will be delighted if we prevail today with a win.

Yes, the media have us as favourites but I hope the players don’t read into the hype and think it’s only a case of turning up.

I can’t see TRIFC 2012 being as bad as they were at paradise. I’m sure all the home ball boys will be told not to get the ball back to us quickly to try to upset our fast paced rhythm. The ref and VAR are also elements they will be hoping swing heavily in their favour if they want to shake us any.

Like I said, a win would be great, a draw wouldn’t be a disaster and I’d hate to see us lose as it’d really feel like a slap in the face. Any result won’t stop us being top of the league. COYBIG :four_leaf_clover:

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You’re right, it would feel like a slap in the face if we lose, if we do lose I’m going to be gutted if I’m being honest, and the ballboys being on tranquillisers won’t help LOL.
but hey, I’ll take 3.1 to Celtic. Hail, Hail. :shamrock: :green_heart: :nerd_face:

9 men celtic doing well so far someone should be booting Forrest n JJ ass at half time to waken up. we are creating our own problems in a match we can win with composure

You’re right, Forrest is having a nightmare of a game, the sooner he’s subbed the better, I haven’t been impressed by Johnston so far but as It’s his first game he can be forgiven.

I’m thinking you were relating to Juranovic as “JJ”?

What a howler of a game he had. His fault for both goals we lost and couldn’t pass wind all day.

Fair enough, he’s naturally right sided but he was caught up the park so many times and listening to all the commentators bumming that Sakala up was horrendous. All Juranovic’s fault for me today, sell sell sell when our chance comes to get rid of him :four_leaf_clover:

Sakala is useless and we gifted them two goals jj fitness levels were shocking and didnt seem interested. everyone will say but he plays for Croatia but this season hes not been playing for Celtic was dreadful in some champions league games.
in hindsight Ange made two big mistakes playing sleepy jamsey and bringing on JJ and to be fair O Rilley was lucky to start over Mooey going by recent performances.
on the plus side he didnt take off the starved Kyogo and was rewarded by a goal when he got some striking support

I agree with most of what you say apart from O Riley, this season he has been pivotal in our team.
He and Mcgregor have held the midfield together this season for sure.
So I think you’re being a wee bit harsh on him.

I think with o’riley we could just play him as the cdm again and let Mcgregor go further up as he has that extra bit of pace to get by a player, nothing wrong with changing that up, oriely played really well there and cal can easily play in a number 8 role as he did for previous managers

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