Artificial to real, it's a no brainer

If Celtic and rangers and the rest of the teams in the league are serious about having artificial grass banned in the SPFL then they should all help with the cost of the replacement to real grass, Celtic and Rangers would pay more than the rest of course because they have more money available at their disposal, I’m not suggesting the 10 teams in the league pay for the full outlay, but financial assistance from every team in the league and the SPFL would also be beneficial not only to the two largest clubs but to the Scottish Premier League as a whole, resulting in less injuries and a better and safer playing surface in general.

Great thought and I agree with you 100%.

Other aspects which could affect this gesture would be the clubs getting surfaces renewed then asking who will pay for the maintenance and upkeep. This meaning the under soil heating for winter and other things like replacing big bald patches.

Unfortunately some stadia are wide open to the unkind aspects of Scottish weather and maintaining a grass pitch for a full season would be very costly to these smaller clubs. They can also make revenue by allowing locals to use their surface for leisure on the artificial surfaces, so again they may dig their heels in about resurfacing.

Grass is the only safe option though, it’s the natural surface our beautiful game is played on :four_leaf_clover:

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You’re right of course, but the initial outlay would include under soil heating and the purchase and laying of the new grass surface, once that’s done the upkeep and maintenance must be up to the club.
At the end of each season, as long as grass seeds are applied to the bare patches on the pitch, the upkeep of the pitch shouldn’t in theory be too expensive.