Celtic appointment

I only hope that whoever Celtic decide to appoint it doesn’t turn into another Eddie Howe debacle, for a club the size of Celtic to allow that situation to occur in the first place is an absolute disgrace.
Is this the way you treat your loyal fans, by keeping them in the dark for months on end, I don’t think so, it’s incredibly disrespectful.
If you want to find a way to lose fans this is how you go about it.


100% spot on. The arrogance and attitude of the club has been stinking.

Welcome to the forum by the way.

Enjoying seeing a lot of new faces pitch in with comments and thoughts over the last few days.


Doesn’t surprise any of us anymore I don’t think. Celtic left many of us looking absolutely ridiculous with the Howe disaster and only have themselves to blame. It’s such a long period of time wasted and a lot of background work likely now in flames. Not a great look for Dominic McKay early on - a huge year ahead for him.


I don’t want AP anywhere near the club, my.heart is sinking st the thought of this, feels like the 90s. No direction , arrogance and total disregard for the fans, it’s hard to be positive. We are a laughing stock

Well your heart must have completely sunk because he’s here, lets all back him and hope he turns things around. Hail Hail.

I don’t want him to fail so I can have a I told you.so moment but I genuinely believe this is a terrible appointment that will bite us come and of the season, I am not happy with him at all and I’m not the only one