Former Hearts man makes unwarranted claim about Celtic full-back

Originally published at: Former Hearts man makes unwarranted claim about Celtic full-back

Former Hearts midfielder Ryan Stevenson has claimed that Jambos defender Stephen Kingsley is a better full-back than Celtic’s Greg Taylor. With domestic business in Scottish Football put on hold for the next few weeks, international fixtures are set to return later this evening, with Steve Clarke’s Tartan Army taking on Ukraine. Four Celtic stars have…

i am not convinced in the Taylor hype this season he is still a big weakness defensively in the area he should be covering LEFT DEFENCE in verted full backs has hidden he is a weakness in his own last third and as the player with the most passes in the league how many have lead to a goal.
On that subject of defending I mentioned Stevie Clarke liked Cal mac to pick up outside the box and that’s because he’s a danger to his own team in and around the 6yd box

Taylor is a solid defender his game is built on his defending.
Teams have been targeting Juranovic more than Taylor.

Team will always target Taylors area due to his height
J.J is also small and both are poor dealing with diagonal balls into wide defensive areas.
i think both have started to believe in the hype surrounding them and want to get forward and join the midfield forgetting the areas they need to cover.
Clever coaches like the Bodo coach smashed our system by targeting those wide areas last season and we have already lost goals this way at European level.

That’s the way Ange wants us to play.
High risk ,high reward.
You will just have to get used to it bud.

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yes Cyan i am more used to it now after tonight’s game
just look at their 3rd goal a quick switch of play and Taylor is caught miles away from his box with Jota struggling to get back to stop their full back squaring the ball for another European gift.
reward ?