It was never a penalty in my opinion

The penalty award to Celtic in the Morton game was farcical, in my honest opinion.
Effe Ambrose could do nothing about a ball that bounces off another player and strikes his arm.
If I’m not mistaken, Celtic had a very similar controversial penalty awarded against them a while back when a ball struck Bernabie’s arm which was behind his back, I think the match was against Dundee United at Parkhead.
Some VAR decisions since It was implemented have been shocking to say the least, we need to go back to the drawing board and get this mess sorted out.

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No one thought it was a penalty. CELTIC could have made a statement by deliberately missing it? But would probably would have got fined or something.

Interesting thought, but Ange would never allow that to happen.
We’ve had so many decisions go against us of late, I think It’s probably a case of what goes around comes around.