Kris Boyd clearly wound up by fantastic Celtic run

Originally published at: Former Scotland man Kris Boyd clearly wound up by fantastic Celtic run

Former Rangers man Kris Boyd has made some strange comments regarding the recent run of Celtic form. Within two paragraphs of his latest column, he said he’s not getting carried way before admitting there’s a title race on. In a confusing piece of literature, the ex-Scotland striker suggests that there’s no point talking Celtic up,…

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Kris no chance in celtic banning you that’s the big difference between old co and new co no respect and kris you should be worried how new co are building with hate to sell season books its getting away with it with sfa and snp but win one brick is dislodge it will.crumble cause foundation are false

The only bandwagon that’s not being jumped on is the one were the SMSM printing that Gerard’s next game could be his last, like the bandwagon they were all on when Ange had a few games with similar results.

*the Raijurs never capitalised on their first round of easier home fixtures, so now the tables have been turned, Celtic will step it up a gear and will be swooning ahead come the New Year.

KEEP THE FAITH​:four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

Nobody is going to confuse Kris Boyd for a jiurnalist

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Not many pundits cheer when spl team lose and doesn’t get through boyd does he thinks it rangers tv and so does sky producer has to be told its points that counts you bias thicko

Kris Boyd is a useless media pundit. So one sided and confuses himself with most of his comments.

Would have been nice to see Slippys face if we take our title back but I’d happily take getting a gawk at Kris Boyd’s pus should we do it :four_leaf_clover:

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Boyd is a nomark a nobody and we don’t give A frig about his opinion

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Boyds getting personal things overcome what he is payed for English treat him like the clown he is with his thatch top bleach teeth false tan all we needs the false eyelashes and he’ll look like a