The other mob, as described by Fashion Sakala

It beggars belief that Fashion Sakala can come out with the incredulous statement that Rangers are a better team than “the other mob” i.e. Celtic.
How can he possibly say it or even believe it, when we sit 9 points clear at the top of the table and have a far superior goal difference of 64 against 38.
To put it politely, the guy is severely deluded.
Even if we lose on Sunday, which I don’t think we will, It’s going to make no difference to the league and how we approach each match.
A few pundits have come out and said that if Celtic lose the cup final, they will lose heart, and it will affect the way they play.
Utter rubbish, Ange would never allow that to happen under any circumstances.
That scenario won’t come about anyway because we’re going to win, and win comfortably. :shamrock: :trophy:

How many of Fashion’s most recent matches have actually been against full teams of 11 men on the park?

Any team could put a run together getting opposition players sent off left right and centre as well as gaining a penalty almost every match and then the massive overall help from VAR every game.

Deluded to say the very least but then he’s looking to get a start on Sunday so will say anything to excite his manager.

Beale might employ Fashion to deal with the media spankings our own Sutton is giving him at the minute? :four_leaf_clover:

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Sakala is a bellend how anyone can come out with that utter nonsense is beyond my comprehension. He’s made a rod for his own back and I hope not only that we beat them I want them humiliated, I’d love us to win about 6-0. The ref being Nick Walsh and VAR being John Beaton has got me worried the SFA and SPFL are going all out to make sure that we don’t win. How can two men who have an obvious conflict of interest be allowed anywhere near a showpiece cup final. Having said that I still think we’ll win but we have to keep our discipline because Walsh is known for giving Tavpen and sending off opposition players against The Rangers. I hope it’s not about the ref or VAR and we give them a right doing on Sunday.

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No sure this happy go lucky smiling we guy will be even starting tomorrow,i think this is another Beale attempt to wind Celtic up, this numpty thinks hes the next Jose, but Jose now way, hes more Micky Flanagan. lets hope tomorrow he goes out, not just out, but right out.

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Oh Dear Fashion ???:four_leaf_clover:

HaHaHa, Fashion goes out of style very quickly.
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