The real reason why we are nine points clear at the top

Earlier in the day, Rangers went behind 1.0, but they huffed, and they puffed, but couldn’t blow the house down, and just managed to bring it back to 1.1, but that was all they could do because they simply don’t have the quality that we have.
We also went behind 1.0 after a contentious penalty award, the least said about that the better, anyway, as I was saying we went behind 1.0, but we have strength in depth in our team, something Ranger don’t have, and we were able to rectify a difficult situation and turn it around.
In fact, we have virtually two really strong first teams at our disposal with two players for every position, and that’s all down to Ange the clever man at the helm.
The fact is, they sold their best players and replaced them with inferior players on the cheap.
And as we all know, when you buy cheap it doesn’t last, and it tends to break down easily, and that’s what’s happened to Rangers, and it’s only November.
Unless we have a complete meltdown, I can see us winning the league comfortably this season.
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