100 Goals and 100 points in a season?

Food for thought.

Here are the calculations:
**There are 19 games to go in the season - I am assuming its 38 games in a season?? I think its correct…can someone confirm? (sorry guys i am an Aussie and not familiar with the structure of Scottish League fixtures) **

Celtic have now scored 61 goals in 19 games or just over 3 goals per game.
To reach 100 goals from the remaining 19 games they need to score on average about 2 goals per game.

On the points side:
Celtic have 54 points in the bank
They need another 46 points to get from the remaining 57 points on offer to reach the 100-point milestone. This equates to 16 wins from the remaining 19 games.

Reaching 100 goals looks very likely. 100 points is slightly more difficult but not impossible given the way they have been playing.

I wonder what odds are being offered for both 100 points and 100 goals in a season
It’s a distinct possibility and certainly worth a punt.

Has it ever been done before??