12 mins v St Johnston

After 12 mins Iv seen enough of Yang to take him off useless if your watchig the match try and make a note of when he completes a pass, stays on side or get a cross in utter rubbish other players must be thinking how bad am I if I cant get in the team and he does

Gloves off Brendan OUT

The team look so flat with no real clue how to break St. Johnstone down.

Nothing much on the bench to inspire change either.

I agree, Yang has been completely useless. If Rodgers had the bottle, maybe get Yang off for Oh with Kyogo wide right? It may give us better options going through the middle. Might even allow Turnbull or O’Riley to feed off any scraps

insane that i’m saying it but… MJ needs to start tomorrow.

The showing that Yang gave definitely points us in that direction.

The problem with Mikey Johnston is that he’s never been able to grasp his chance by showing consistency and development.

If Maeda and Abada aren’t too far away, perhaps giving Forrest the first half then another 2nd half chance for Mikey Johnston could be something he needs to knuckle down and show he may be ready to step up (finally???)