An even higher back line?

The Great Brendini continues to baffle me.
His comments after Livingston game said thst the 2 Centre halfs should play higher up the pitch.

The match analysis and Him, said the 2 centre halfs were Too Slow to catch the Livi players who scored.

So if they are too slow at getting back, wouldnt playing an even higher line be even more of a risk? I am old enough to remember Roddie Mcdonald who was awful UNTIL we signed Pat Stanton yo play sweeper behind him. McDonald went on to play for Scotland.
There was no mention that as a team we lack height. In defense Taylor was up against giants and just couldnt get up to head against a player double his bulk and 2-3 feet taller. I keep saying it, Taylor would be better in midfield and Scales to left back but what do I know? its staring Brendini and the other 2 defensive coaches in the face.
Another fan report stated that Celtic are “beginning to change their view on the tactical genious that is BR. His tactics are no longer relevant to the team he has”…100% pity they didnt see that b4 bringing him back to play the worst football at Celtic for 50 years