An outsiders opinion on current situation

I started to follow Celtic after Ange arrived, as I was intrigued to see how it will all unfold. Also before I begin I just want everyone to know I deal in fact and stats. So from where I sit at the other end of the world (Australia) and having watched Ange play for South Melbourne this is how I see things:

Ange arrived at Celtic to much skepticism. No-one knew who he was and questions were asked.
The Board gave him the benefit of the doubt and put him on a 12 month rolling contract
He brought in new players and build a squad
In his first year, he won 2 trophies (including the title)
Further refinements took place and he built a stronger squad in preparation for his second season
In the second season he won the treble
2nd season Celtic Scored over 100 goals and achieved 99 points (these are staggering numbers)
He left not long after that.

The questions I have are as follows:

  1. Why did the board persist with a 12 month rolling contract in his second season give his success from the first season?
  2. Would it not have been prudent to sign him on for 2-3 years fixed contract after Year 1?
  3. Did they not suspect he was going to become a target from down south given his success?
  4. Did they form the view that 'yes he did have success and we can keep him on a 1 yr rolling contract to save money" ?
  5. Did they not realise that if he leaves they get nothing for him whilst on a 12 month rolling contract as opposed to being on a fixed term contract where any potential suitor would have to pay out the contract?
  6. Did they not feel he was deserving of longer term deal after winning 5 trophies in 2 seasons?

No disrespect to BR, but it seems he has lost the dressing room. Players seem confused and de-motivated.

When looking at it thru a strict business lens, the strategy as outlined above makes no sense. It has now culminated in the current predicament.

I think Celtic have brought this upon themselves.

Feel free to disagree, but that’s how I see it based on facts.

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Unfortunately penny pinching has been our board’s biggest flaw for years.

We get something good, something we should look to build on but sell sell sell as soon as any decent bid comes in.

It’s been said so many times, the club keeps going round in circles and the fans get duped into following the team based solely on hope. This day and age should see Celtic wiping the floor with the domestic game through all the chances we’ve had in recent years. Instead our board commit to buying bang average players who keep making us have to fight to win trophies

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To the originator of the 1st post. It takes someone from the other side of the world to callout what we know and feel every day.
Yes all your points are valid
Brenden has a knack for ruining players confidence snd effectivness.

He did it at Leicester with Jamie Vardy Indidu Mendy, Schmichael . He said then he has no quality ??? Someone new takes over and is able to play 5 players from the reserves?
Hes doing it to Kyogo Hatate, Maeda Johnson now
His decidions on picking teams from his current squad makes his “We dont have enough quality” is the same as he said at Leicester who he held to ranson if £10m before they finally decided to sack him. Zi fear his best quality is enduting HIS contract his in HIS best interests

No quality you say?
Fact 1: Kyogo scored 30 last season (I dont recall the exact number) how many has he scored this season? 6? nearly halfway into the season.

Fact 2: Hatate: runs non-stop at 1million miles an hr and played every game last year and was instrumental in Celtic scoring over 100 goals hes now playing off the bench? WTF?

Fact 3: The pairing of Starfelt and CCV was the defenisve wall and one of the pillars behind Celtic achieving what it did. Starfelt is now gone!!! say no more

Fact 4: Greg Taylor was so good last year he was in the Scottish squad. Now they are calling for his head?

Fact 5: Why persist with Bernabei? Is BR trying to make a point that there is no quality by playing him? If so pls refer to facts 1-4 above

Fact 5: Jota … say no more. Although latest rumours suggest he will end up at Spurs in January transfer window. No Quality? Who agreed to get rid of him and cash in? Seriously guys !!!

I agree with what you say. All good points
There’s more wrong than we know

I Think Hatate will leave in Jan I dont think hes that badly injured. Remember at the beginning of the season BR didnt pick him?

I Think Abada will leave in Jan Thanks to Green Brigade for flying the flags
I Think Kyogo will leave as well he simply is not being played the same way by BR

Your point about Starfelt and CCV. When a player wants to leave, let him go. However if he had stayed CCV was injured anyway.

Just an oddball one. We are looking for an experienced ready to play miffielder in the absence of Hatate. JAMES McCarthy has hardly kicked a ball but we keep paying him. He cant be so bad that he couldnt have been used before the lightweight newbies who have yet to gain experience.

I agree BR has some quality, a lot more than he realises and hes playing games by putting players like Bernabie Kwon on the bench. Please leave Brenden it just hasnt worked

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Kyogo hatrick today and other scorers involved in a 6-0 home victory is what we need today.

Please Brendan, let us play attacking football today where all backward passes incur an individual fine for players who slow the game down by doing this :+1:t2: