Are we really paranoid?

its been 52 matches since a Scottish Ref decided to give a penalty against the bhoys in blue, yet it take less than 52 minutes for a European ref and VAR to spot a handball at ibrox.
That says it all when we are accused of being paranoid.
it also looks like Cantwell will this season be the answer to dishing out more spot kicks in the coming season,as he went to ground throught out the victory over Servette reserves.

Just look at the corrupt refs we have in this country though? Nick Walsh, Steven MacLean and John Beaton are the main candidates.

Then you have Mr indecisive, Willie Collum to factor in as well.

Think it will be safe to say, TRIFC 2012’s “defensive” record of lack of penalty concessions will remain intact for a good bit longer.

Mr Cantstayonhisfeet will be winning them at the opposite end most weeks too so it’ll be up to us to keep our momentum up and keep working to widen the gap further. Nothing would be more satisfying than seeing Beale sacked. That clown havers so much keek it’s not funny :four_leaf_clover: