Benkovic why should we sign him?

Why sign Benkovic when hes hardly kicked a ball for two seasons in his loans at Bristol City and Cardiff surely no match fit and that’s been issues all season with us so doesn’t make sense as would come and Lenny probably say he no match fit :rofl::rofl:

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Probably falls into the same category as Patrick Roberts. Some of these players never seem to kick on away from Celtic after showing decent form here.

I am totally sceptical about Benkovic though, his injury record is horrendous and wasn’t much better here.

Shows a lack of vision, IMO. Is any other club linked so heavily to their old players?

For the record I don’t think he’d be any worse than Shane Duffy!

Ye Robert in same category John hardly kicked a ball since left us so another one I wouldn’t take back would rather give youth a chance like Welsh and Henderson etc


I would much rather see Welsh get a chance aye. We need to know if these kids are gonna make it. Feels like we’ve been waiting a while.

Exactly I mean what did young Welsh do wrong in his couple appearances so far

I think the problem is that youngsters only really get a chance (in general) when we’re winning games comfortably, and that just hasn’t happened much this season. With Moffat and Otoo signing new contracts, you’d hope they’d be next up if first-team opportunities arise.

Euan at least this season they should have been on bench I mean we can have 9 on bench can we no

Definitely no John 100%

I would like to see some young players get a chance but benkovic on loan seems like an easy option to see us through till the end of the season.

For the remainder of the season we should give our young players game time. We have enough strength in squad to stay in 2nd place(absolutely scandalous that is best we can hope for at beginning of january) and let new management team bring in their own players during the summer. The old saying ‘never go back’ applies to players as well as managers.

Why loans we,be Hendry ,Welsh young guys who want to play for us just need experience ?:four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover: