BR Celtic lack quality genuine case

Whilst I barrate BR style of football I have considered his comments after the Killie game about lack of quality and at 1st thoight There was no lack of quality last season HOWEVER the team at Killie was without…
CcV, JOTA, HATATE Starfelt JOHNSTONE all players which were signed to improve the team after he left.

So I will give him that, but surely there were good enough replacements

Scales probably Aberdeens best defender last year
Iwata great in every position he played last year
Forrest a BR favouite if not under the current injury circumstances then when
Turnbull make your mind up Brendan sell him if not hes too good a player
Ralston a great player vastly improved by Ange now back playing for a manager who doesnt rate him

As for quality players BR is not getting the same quality out of Maeda Kyogo Taylor McGregor Hart so the lack of quality would seem to start at the manager

Good point Mick but shouldn’t any decent manager have been able to walk into our dressing room and just take off from what Ange left (minus Jota and Mooy)?

Fair enough, Brendan has stated we lacked quality but how can guys who conjured a winning formula last season and before not be regarded as quality?

I think he’s too ashamed to admit his, alleged, game plan was heavily flawed. Calmac has even came out and said about the amount of long balls hopefully being launched.

We went to Killie last year and were 4-0 up by half time. McInnes didn’t even have them sitting in on Sunday, just pressing hard on us in our key positions.

I think Rodgers had it too easy in his last tenure, this season should let us see how good a manager he really is

BR had no decent managers up against him in his invincible season … then when Hibs came up he struggled to beat Lenny’s team and when Levien replaced that Cathro joke at Hearts we started to lose to them 0-4
he then saw Gerrard get cash and improve a rank rotten rangers … lets not forget how poor his record in recruitment was … Moussa was a gift … and he knew Sinclair most others were duds and poor loans.


0-0 at halftime explains that.

Getting bored of watching boring Celtic

What is our actual game plan??

No one knows what to do once the centre half’s have passed the ball.

We are aligned to be annihalted in Europe.

If any of our stars from last year get a chance, go! This ship is sinking fast and hard with this idiot in charge

Come on Bhoy’s …BRENDAN’s here to WIN in the CHAMPS LEAGUE :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

What a ■■■■ SHOW !!!

The Celtic Board are having a laugh … at the fans expense…

i sat watching on Saturday and seeing Turnbull (who Rodgers selected in front of Hatati) already this season and then Forrest come on and hearing he gave Welsh a new contract … made me believe this Guy actually thinks he can improve the team with these players and thats why hes back.
Yes we have injuries but this is the SPL as poor as its ever been where hibs got hammered by Blackpool recently Hearts mauled by Mansfield town n Wigan and the team we struggled against st johnstone lost 4-0 to Stirling albion.
This board are a disgrace conning us fans failing to sign players and Rodgers is at it already blaming everybody bar himself.
Japan tour was the last thing McGregor needed after playing till 19th june he was gonna eventually hit a bad patch after so many games.
lets remember we were poor as a collective team for weeks in the second part of last season the cup final included under Ange too.
What age do fans consider a player a project because PSV had a 20 year old winger run riot at ibrox last week. 21-23 yr olds are not project players in holland they are getting ready to be sold to Champions league clubs by then.
Take Holm last week his first game and he was not the worst on that plastic pitch yet left out a week later at home., how can he improve ? Hasta is complaining and some might say hes had a chance but has he been any worse than Maeda or Abada who both get chances to start and fail to be consistent for the pst 6 months.
Every week the past two seasons at Celtic Park we saw teams park the bus and we had to be patient but we all believed we would eventually tire out teams and get the goals to win us the points, teams wont tire if we are only going to pass slowly across the park and in front of them we could have played 30 minutes extra the past two weeks and not scored

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And as good as the Champs League draw is … WE HAVE NO CHANCE… unless BR has something up his sleeve we ALL can’t see …and that is just so we don’t get humiliated like the HUNS did last season …

Yes the HUNS got hammered by PSV … but Celtic will need to pull something out of the bag we have not seen yet to get something at the weekend…even against the that mob …

Not good BR…

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