Can we hold on to them? but the more crucial question is can we afford to lose them?

There’s a lot of gossip at the moment regarding Jota and Giakoumakis and whether we can keep them at Celtic in the next transfer window.
Will the Celtic board buckle if we get high bids for the pair of them from down south.
I really hope not because this is the best team we’ve had for years, and both of them are pivotal in the team.
If we are going to lose them, then it needs to be for ridiculous amounts.
In fact, the team is playing so well, there could potentially be half a dozen players in the transfer spotlight.
We need to show the teams from down south that Celtic is not a feeder team for them, and we won’t let our best player’s go on the cheap, that situation hopefully is a thing of the past.
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Personally I think our Euro exploits this season may have a bearing on how we go about trading our top talent.

If Ange and the team can master good European performances in the first half of the season, I think their heads should not be turned.

Another aspect to consider is the greedy agents in the game pushing the players to move to anyone just to get a pay bonus.

A lot of things to consider but if the guys were honest with themselves, we’ve started to gel something good, they need to show they are the players they’ve shown they could be. Time would be nice :four_leaf_clover:


Personally in the next few windows I can’t see it, isn’t Jota on a 5 year contract? We have CL football this year and if can, or rather when, we secure the league again and do reasonably well in the CL this we’ll probably have it next year also. Their not going to get that easily in any transfer elsewhere.

We held on to Henrik and the rest for long enough, who’s to say this current crop will not be the same ?

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Good point, Champions League is always a golden carrot to dangle in front of players.
But if players are not getting game time, they may become disillusioned.
As I remarked in a previous post, it’s a very long season and players just need to be patient, and they will get the playing time that they want and need.


Get rid of any player who dont want to be here we are Celtic let them go sit on the bench in england like the others who think the grass is greener