CB pairing going forward

Now that we’ve been dumped from Europe (again… sigh) will BR try a new CB pairing? Or at least give CCV a rest? I assume he’s no making changes as it’s been working well (mostly).

It’s concerning that Lagerbielke and Nawrocki can’t even make the bench over Phillips. With the congested holiday fixture list we need to keep everyone fresh.

In all honesty, CCV is not a Champions League defender.

Like everyone in our current squad, has enough to get through our whole domestic campaign but gets found out when we play on the continent.

If BR is true to his word regarding lack of quality in our squad to compete in Europe, then I think he knows he needs to spend big on a class keeper and a number of quality defenders.

I think starting with a solid backline would be a major step forward for us and then BR would have to develop a far better defensive game plan for us