Celtic in Europe

I know this has been spoken about (a lot) recently (and for a long while now) but Rodgers really REALLY needs to impress upon the board the need to bring in some players of his choosing regardless of the cost (within Celtic’s means of course).

I really fear that, should we not make it to the Europa League, the board will decide that the squad is “good enough” to win the league this season and not invest where needed.

I know this has been brought up frequently recently but it’s really hitting me right now.

Keep the Hail bhoys. Let’s shear the sheep this weekend.

Celtic gu bràth!!

The reality is that your points above should have been NO1 Priority with Ange and subsequently BR when he came in. I keep banging on but as a team we are far too small. Then you take the qualty or experience into effect and last nights, and this seasons europe performances are not a surprise.I am no supporter of BR he ruins players but this is not just down to him. Buy big tall athletic players. BUY readymade with experience. Its not easy to attract such players to Scotland never has been. So the board and the scouting system is key in somehow managing this. Id go for the Scandanavian market Mjallby, etc big strong and affordable

We should end the academy. It’s a waste of money and useful only for the Scottish quota.

Think the academy only really helps for us registering actual Scottish players for our European squads. These guys will never feature however.

As for pushing the board for £££, I think BR would be flogging a dead horse over and over again with that one. The board are not interested in investing large sums of money year in year out as we’d defo have a huge debt (ala Real Madrid and so on) and that would not look good in the share market.

Our board are simply there to spend small amounts, hope small profits come from their spends and essentially go home with stacks of cash in their pockets as they are running a business, not a football club, well.

There’s no way we could pick up the types of players M O’Neill had at his disposal from the EPL for those bargain prices. We unfortunately have to look at more obscure markets to try to get lucky every time

I understand your concerns however I think realistically we are unable to attract players. Currently (last 5 years) our record in Europe would not attract decent established players. £15m for example wouldnt get us the sort of player we are after. We have been relatively successful in getting unknows who use us as a stepping stone often doing 2 seasons and then moving to English championship or mid to bottom English premiership. I am not a Brendon fan hes very clever at saying I will do the best with what I have got I agree the B team idea is non productive it Should save us looking for bargains around europe and Asia Rocca for instance could go anywhere in England Doak left asap for Liverpool and receives rave notices and a few 1st team outings. Why let them go ? We also have better players not being used M Johnson is every bit as good as our other new foreign wingers, ask Ireland if hes any good. This is down to not playing them we are out of Europe so lets start playing them Brendon wont he dropped Mendy at Leicester and he used vardy and a few others sparingly Neil Lennon has a better euro record than Br this year we lost 6 to a Spanish team his last time we lost 7 to Barcelona. We dont need a mgr like Brendon to win the scottish league and he wont progess us in europe so why pay him big wagess and contracts that make if difficult to get him out of. STEVE Clarke just for example

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