Decapitated Jambos

It was really good to show Greeting face Robbie, the definition of the word Decapitated.
as the hoops cut his hearts team to bits on Saturday,
Running about headless chasing our Midfield, legs gone by full time, and Kyogo ripping their hearts out yet again.
Poor brainless Robbie couldn’t even blame the ref as his team were cut to shreds.

As much as I agree, in the interests of getting things into perspective on the game and not getting carried away, Hearts had a huge list of injuries to their first team squad and would have given us a much harder game had they been able to put their strongest team out. That’s a fact. Delighted that they didn’t of course and were in the hat for the semis. Bring on the Rangers in the next game!

Hearts indeed had a depleted squad, but to be perfectly honest regardless of which team he put out Celtic was always going to be too strong for his team.
With the team, we put out and the strength of our bench there was no way he could match that in any way shape or form.
And I’ll go even further, I think there isn’t a team in the SPFL that can match our strength in depth at this moment in time and that includes Rangers.
:muscle: :four_leaf_clover:

Who was missing? Snodgrass 36, no better than James Mc Carthy, Shankland, no better than Forrest, Clogger Halkett ?Dont care who they had missing,they were well beat and we played well and would have won who ever played for them.
This mob are so over rated they have only one more league victory than Hibs,this season which shows how poor they really are.
its an achievement to win so easy at this match box even more so now we have the VAR mob adding their support,
my comment was actually to have a go at greeting face Neilson, after his ridiculous decapitated comments on Wednesday bot to gloat over beating that rubbish,
we do that most times every season anyway