Doesn't make a lot of sense

There is a lot of speculation regarding Kieran Tierney coming back to Celtic.
If he did come back, It could only be on a loan basis as the buying cost of £25.000.000 is way out of our league, plus his eye-watering salary of £120.000 per week is also out of our league.
To be perfectly honest, why would we spend an outrages amount of money to bring him back for one season?.
I would rather we spent that money on bringing in a permanent player on a 4-year contract, and make a decent profit when he moves on.
Don’t get me wrong, I think Tierney is a terrific player, but he is now too costly for us to even consider.
But then again, the media is full of smoking mirrors, so perhaps I’m reading too much into the hype surrounding him.

How much would the limit be on what you’d pay a week for him? 30k if Arsenal were willing to pick up a similar amount a week & he were willing to do it would you have him? I think I would tbh. No idea what a significant pay cut is to him though, half seems more drastic than significant

Also, don’t forget the amount of money Celtic would have to pay Arsenal to bring him to Celtic, It could be as high as 3 or 4 million just for the season.

Yeesh, true. Huge outlay for us renting a player. Was Duffy something like a 2mil fee or was that cost all up? That was a big outlay for the club at the time and still would be today really.

The Van Beek rumoured loan would be even more than that too (which is even more in likely to happen)

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Exactly right, I think we should stop the practice of renting players as it’s more beneficial to the lender rather than the rentee.
The lending club generally gets a hefty fee upfront and also gets a player’s salary off their books for a season, so it’s a win-win situation for them.
Not only that,but the incoming player generally goes back to the parent club a fitter, and a healthier, more rounded player due to the extra game time and being in a different environment to the one he came from.