Glasgow Derby outcome

Ahead of tomorrow’s final league Glasgow Derby of the season, I’m second guessing myself at being confident we’ll get the result we need.

Is it too cocky to assume that our more recent form has seen the team grasp the title race firmly and push into a merited favourites position?

Can’t believe we’ve been given the opportunity to regain our lead at the top but we’re there and can further cement our position with a win tomorrow.

I’d be looking to have a good attacking game plan from us not giving TRIFC 2012 a minute to create. I’d also like a win by at least 2 clear goals but would settle for a win any which way we get it. A draw would feel like a loss for me, but still keeps us clear on top. I honestly don’t know what TRIFC 2012 could muster to beat us other than Steven McLean in the VAR office giving them 4 penalties (which is not beyond them).

All up Bhoys, please be top of the league still on Saturday night and let us focus on trying to get the double done

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2-1 but very lazy effort.

Please Please Please save £5million, Idah is f*cking rubbish.

We should have been out of sight against 10 men but struggled.

Ange would have had us win by 5-1 minimum

Gives our newest Glasgow rivals hope for May 25 unfortunately. Cheers Brendan


OBVIOUSLY happy to be in a position to secure the league but this squad is not big and strong enough. TAYLOR great midfielder but this game and the ladt game proves hes too small hor a back post defender Rangers hit 3 goals in 2 games by punting the ball to back post with 2 big men dwarfing Taylor. Any team domestically or in Europe will see that and exploit it. Just think Johan Mjalby or Taylor

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