Good news on the financial front for Celtic, but that's not the whole story

It’s good news that Celtic have done so well on the financial side of things this season as well as the success on the pitch.
The 30 million that has swelled Celtic coffers this season doesn’t tell the whole story.
When you take into account gate receipts, merchandise sales, subscription sales for Celtic TV, friendly match appearance money.
It wouldn’t surprise me if the total amount exceeded the 50 million total mark, and that’s all down to one man.
A man that nobody had heard of before he came in.
A man who was so confident of his own abilities that he came in alone.
A man that galvanised the existing coaching staff to play a totally different style of football to the one they had previously known.
A man that took a team in the doldrums and showed them that his style of football would bring the success and riches that Celtic had always and will always strive for.
Just one more game to go, and should we win that and do the treble, then the man becomes a legend.
His name is Angelos Postecoglou, Ange to his Fans, of which there are millions scattered around the globe.
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