Green brigade drive out abada

Looks like Abada is leaving? Good money at £8M + but cant help feeling we have lost one of the best players in Europe.

I dont believe politics has a place on the terraces and stands of football and the GB having been banned are still flying Palestinian flags which could quite easily be removed by stewards home or away?


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Green brigade did not drive out itwas his agent with all the rubbish he put in his brain how does he or anyone else know it won’t happen to him where he goes next,
What other club he goes 2 I hope he does WELL

When you look at all the different nationalities who play for our club, anyone could take offence to some of the things our fans do.

Take Joe Hart for example, a proud Englishman who’s represented his country loads of times singing the British National Anthem before games as that is the way he aligns. Our fans sing about their distaste for the royals and British soldiers but he’s never once said anything highlighting problems.

I think Rodgers is slowly clearing out Ange’s squad because he can’t get his head around how to play them best. God knows what the man’s plans actually are because so many players held good value when we were managed by Postecoglou. You’d probably pick Kyogo up for £3-4 million now due to poor player management.

If anything, the buck stops at Rodgers. I feel he needs to go before we go into the abyss

If theres a flag I can wave or a song I can sing that will make Brendan leave, Im your man his inability and his attitude make me so sad.
I watched the Motherwell game the other week and although at one point we were winning, what I was watching was Tripe

It does matter how you play not just winning. Look at Luton Town a joy to watch but not getting positive results

When will our misery end

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You are spot on, GB hang your heads in shame.
You drove out a great player…
I hope you get the sort of support you truly deserve in your new club, Liel.