Greg Taylor, jersey salesman

Watching our second half slump against Killie, it has to be said that Greg Taylor sold the jerseys twice being caught up the park leaving Scales to cover left back and leaving us short in the centre of defence

Thats a feature of the attacking full back role however the MANAGER should be aware of this and instruct accordingly

Every day I wonder what BR gets paid for
I am not a fan of Taylor because hes so small but he can run. I would move him into midfield

When we saw Killie starting to get some momentum and belief, we should have had the tools to shut them down.

Going to a flat 4-4-2 or even a 4-5-1 to stem the flow and get us confidence having more of the ball to try to create?

Sticking with wingers, who do not have anywhere near the work rate of Maeda and sometimes Abada really, did not help us.

The point of Yang has my head full of bald patches with the amount of scratching I’m doing. The guy is rotten, surely young Rocco Vata is livid seeing Yang getting picked before him.

After watching our latest Glasgow Derby victory, I have to admit Mr Taylor worked very hard (as did the rest of the team) to make sure TRIFC 2012 didn’t get the equaliser they were pushing for.

Unfortunately the same can’t be said for Mikey Johnston. In the small time he was on, he decided to completely switch off from marking his man and allow our newest Glasgow rivals to build hope towards the end of our victory.

The best part saw Greg Taylor scream at Mikey Johnston asking what the “flip” Johnston was actually doing. It’s a question I’m sure most Celtic fans will ask when Mikey plays, he just does not have it at our level.

I hope from this, if BR truly has his eye on quality, that Mikey Johnston is allowed to leave our club. Sorry to be damning, but if TRIFC 2012 had managed an equaliser after Johnston’s slackness then we’d all be waking up to far more different media responses.

More than once. So much, the opposition continually head for their right wing. Thankfully Scales covers for him.
Nothing personal. Our Timm club comes first.
Hopefully we get a solid defensive Left Back. At least for next season.