Hatate out! Obvious replacement

As Hatste is mid/long term out I believe Bernardo is not the same type of midfielder. He doesnt have the speed of movement or tackling ability.
I would move Scales to left back and Taylor into midfield.
I have long thought Taylor is too small for a defender however he gets stuck in and runs all day
We currently have 3 other centre halfs to partner CCV either is good but I like the look of Phillps while we have him


I agree. Height is an issue at left back.

Rodgers made the change on Wed night to steady the back line cos Taylor was not up to it and cost us both goals! There was a 3rd on the way but Rodgers realised in time that he had to get Taylor out of there. Why he “backed-off” at the second goal we’ll never know but it allowed them to get the cross in for the header. Better to use him in left mid as you say. But I would prefer Turnbull for now as he a goal in him. Scales has been brilliant last few games and was exceptional against Atletico.

Have to say, the points dropped against Hibs felt like a defeat.

We showed absolutely nothing to try and break them down. It’s games like this that Kyogo goes missing due to no service at all.

I wish we would go 4-4-2 against teams who sit in to give us better options up front and stop teams pushing us wide happy to defend against our soul striker all game.

If Atletico Madrid are truly sniffing at Palma, even though it’s early, and we get offered £10-£15 million, we should snap their hands off. Surely that kind of money would help us get a loan deal for Jota in January sorted? At least Jota can get past his man and is a forward thinking attacker who creates from nothing. Thinking Abada should walk straight back into our team when fully fit again though.

I agree BR back to I know best!!
Solitary striker same as at Leicester it ruined the confidence of Jamie Vardy who never really recovered
We need to play 2 up front. I never thought Id say this but I would have Giomakis back tomorrow. Are the height of the doors at Cektic park very low? Because we need a lot of height brought in
Yesterdays game was flat from the 1st ball. HIBS were awful as well it took 25mins for either side to have a shot on target. As for Ho its the heaveho im afraid hes a startled looking player way out of his depth hes had plenty of game time.

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BR knew the guys would have been tired after putting in such an effort against a team far and above SPFL class.

The squad in the background should have been set up and prepared to take over a tricky fixture for us?

Until we become a Saudi owner club rich in resources (playing squad), we need to respect our bread and butter (SPFL) which gives us the chance to reach these prestigious tournaments such as the Champions League.

Looking at the squad right now, it’s a prime opportunity for Turnbull, Holm and Bernardo to show what they’ve got.

Hatate is a guarantee when he’s fully fit so these guys need to look at what he offers from his position. Unfortunately the 3 mentioned don’t have anywhere near the work rate Hatate has but Turnbull does score at times and I think Holm is technically gifted to make exquisite passes on occasion.

All 3 have to push a bit more for a game so I’m thinking BR will rotate through the 3 of them to get something that works in Hatate’s absence

As someone who has defended the guy I must say that Taylor is one of the worst defenders going backwards I think I’ve seen at any professional level, it’s like his brain just shuts down & he reverts to some sort of spinning top on legs. When we’re in control of games & he can invert (as we did so much of under AP) he is an excellent passer & good at finding enough space towards the middle of the park to turn under pressure & get his head up for a good pass, he’s got very good passing ability & is very good at reading movement in front of him. Under pressure moving backwards towards his own goal he’s like a little lad who looks like he’ll probably never learn the game, I love certain parts of his game so much but there’s also parts of his game that make me want to leave the room to be violently ill. He is Scottish though & quota requirement is a thing for us.

Turnbull is a conundrum too, but he’s a Scottish one & we need Scottish players in the squad for Euro qualification reasons. He can be (& unfortunately is more often than not) fairly ordinary/bloody awful, yet he always has a 25 yard pearler in him at any given time. I so want him to find his mojo & be amazing, but as a player there’s a Mikey Johnson feel to the whole Turnbull experience

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Turnbull is one of the worst payers off the ball. He pops up with a goal against the bottom half of the league. He’s good for that but not much else.