I expected nothing else from a Rangers supporting referee

For a referee to book a player for simulation and then goes to the monitor and changes it to a penalty is a complete disgrace and an embarrassment to Scottish football.
No doubt John Beaton will be in a Rangers pub tonight celebrating with his Rangers pals.

In all honesty it truly was a game of 2 halves.

We were all over TRIFC 2012 in the first half and but for that lack of “quality” in some of our finishing, we could have been easily 4-0 up at the break.

The second half was a major disappointment and on paper we lost the last 45+mins 3-1. Yes their penalty was highly dubious although I think the height of Johnson’s leg as Sliva was going down made it easy for the serial cheat to force “contact” and make it look like the foul pundits and ex-refs are claiming occurred.

At that point, they scored and it gave them a lift. Our substitutions after that were questionable. I think this is why we’re getting a rep as a team who can’t last the whole 90 mins with the same press and desire. Yang is rotten, 100%. With Forrest on the bench, you had someone with more than enough experience of the fixture to help us make better choices and hang on.

CalMac too could not get a hold of the game when he came on. Maybe if he came on at halftime he may have got more touches and be able to run the game the way he normally does?

All ifs and buts, we know, but what we saw is that even without CalMac starting and Kyogo on form, we are still miles better than TRIFC 2012. Let’s hope there’s no more slips from us and we deservedly thrash our newest Glasgow rivals when the next derby comes to Parkhead.