Is it too early?

I know many would say change needs time but watching Celtic today was an absolute chore!

I’m going to say it, early some may argue, but it’s time to go Brendan for me.

How can you inherit a winning machine, minus 1 key player, and make them boring and toothless up front?

No one knew how to find each other with simple passing, there was no energy in our pressing and the game plan was non existent.

We can’t go on like this through the season, get someone in who knows how to find a good balance of attractive attacking football with a hunger to win every ball as well

I have been saying this would happen, I just didnt think it would be so quick. Hart is all a sudden dodgy? Kyogo is half the player, as is mieda do have some sympathy ref centre halfs , but I never wanted BR back today I could have watched on Tv but I knew we stood a hoid chance of losing on that terrible killie pitch. PLEASE go Brendan before its too late

Week3 and caught at last with this years treble gone, if this manager is happy to play Taylor and Ralston and the board believe we can play against the best in europe with those two, who would struggle to get in the killie side who beat us today, then it wont be long till the fans feel good factor is dead and buried.
The performance today was pathetic,lack of skill, lack of movement,lack of strength, boring passes across the park and our two new centre backs left on the ball by a team who knew we were powder puff everywhere else on the park.
A captain who has been over played and not kicked a ball this season, international forwards like Abada and Maeda who were both dreadful through out.
This is a repeat of the seasons following the invincible season 1 under Rodgers where we stood still and instead of stretching the gap we allowed it to close by lack of activity in the transfer market.
i pray we are not going back down the road of loan signings and players like Olly Burke arriving at the club.
Get the finger out sign a left back an aggressive ball winner and number 10 who can win us games and a striker who might get on a cross when the ball finally reaaches the box after 110 square passes.

BR was not my first pick to take over from Ange, in fact, he wasn’t even in my top 5.
But he is here and there is no way that Celtic will sack him at such an early stage of the season.
I agree with you though, this type of football is boring compared to Angeball.
We seem to have lost the high tempo attacking football that was a joy to watch.
When the Board announced the BR was our new manager, my heart sank. Because I knew this would happen, tippy tappy football.
Time will tell if things improve, but I’m not holding my breath.

You know, last season I would have argued with anyone that Taylor was an important member of our first 11 due to the way he was always on the attacking foot and helping to cover for the midfield.

Since the start of this season, I’m safely on the bandwagon that he is not first team material. Same goes for Ralston. Ange brought out different players in both of them, players who actually added value to the squad. This season they’ve moved so far backwards.

All my frustrations from Rodgers previous tenure have came flooding back. Nobody on the posts at set pieces, defenders simply not putting the boot in when they get a chance, a defensive midfielder as well as keeping deadwood (Turnbull, Welsh, Bain etc) around the first team.

I know it’s only one result but we looked absolutely clueless out there today. Almost like the players had been given a copy of “Classic Wimbledon FC tactics from the 80s” to study all week.

Shocking display today

Get Rodgers to F#*k

Shocking display today

Get Rodgers to F#*k

I cant see how players can change from Angeball to Brendans slow and cautious football A huge mistake in bringing him back he ruins players ask Rahim Sterling

I think he’s a big risk to certain players who excelled under our previous boss.

Kyogo the past two games has run around like a headless chicken as every area of our team has no link up.

CalMac as a defensive mid is killing us too as he doesn’t have what Hatate gives with the jinking runs and quick passing.

On paper, Rodgers has stuck with the previous 4-3-3 but his style playing it is totally different.

Flat back 4 has our full backs caught out all the time, not supporting the midfield either which gives us less options going forward as the midfielders are not being able to press on.

The 3 up front are too wide as well meaning defences get the chance to regroup around us as our, previously inverted forwards - now wingers have more work to do to collect the ball and spend time working past a man before making a cross or taking a shot.

It is all too predictable to opposing teams at the minute and certain players (Taylor, Ralston, CalMac, O’Riley, Kyogo and Maeda) can’t work as effectively with it.

I don’t know how this is possibly going to change for us? Even spending £ million bringing in big names wouldn’t help it IMO.

Rodgers system is wrong, he has to admit it and look to something more quick paced and attack minded. Otherwise our players who work well in a speedy attacking set up are wasted :four_leaf_clover: