It doesnt say in my contract I have to play Hatate

It worries me that BR has used the above statement as he used with Leigh Griffiths. He turned a 40 goal player into a nobody

I agree there!

I reckon Hatate was easily a contender for player of the year last year.

He works his socks off, his timing is great, his passing is so precise in games and he chips in with a few goals.

As much as he’s one of our own, I don’t think you can say David Turnbull is anywhere near as good.

If Turnbull stays in the team then we can welcome back the boring sideways and backwards passing :four_leaf_clover:

Fully agree Jeemo. I FEAR Brendans return to passing backwards and across the penslty box. Joe Hart is getting pelters and I didnt see that under Ange.
As I write this, press speculation that Hatate and Kyogo going to Spurs. I cant really believe that after signing a new 5 year deal Kyogo would leave??? Ya never know. Im 67 and in the last 2 years Celtic have been a joy to watch. Yes BR can win domestically but I have been spoiled and put HOW we play high on my list

Ball being lost a lot in the first half from Turnbull in midfield leading to Aberdeen chances.

Surely Hatate on for him at the break?:four_leaf_clover:

100% Hatate is in a different league …

This is the Celtic/ Rodgers trying to get a big bid for Hatate from Spurs…

I cannot believe Rodgers saying’ My contract does not say I have to play him…

2 bang average performances so far …

And no I have no problem with Brendan…

Still early days :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::+1::+1:

2-1 halftime … HAIL HAIL

PS! Does anyone know how to correct user name … I hit the U instead of H and cannot see how to change it :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I agree but I also think Hatate may be looking to join Brighton his mate is Misomo? And with caceido moving to Chelsea Hatate may be wanted as his replacement. CACEIDO £114M Hatate £25M no brainer for them

2nd half already better passing and teamwork

Could well be right Mick !!!

Better 2nd half …

However plenty for Brendan to think about :+1::+1:

HAIL HAIL 3-1 the Dons have made us work for it … But that’s what champs DO!!! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Watched after the end. Love to see the players over to celebrate the victory with the fans.

Not cheap these days to follow the team so stars from the squad like Kyogo and co doing a victory dance in front of our guys is very little to ask for.

Great to see and hopefully something that keeps going moving forward. Manners cost nothing :four_leaf_clover:

Week 2 and yet another team highlighting getting at our full backs with success as Taylor struggled again through out, though Ralston had a decent second half after a shaky start.
As ever Turnbull shows his inconsistent performances lets him down when hes needed in bigger matches and was rightly replaced by Hatate.
its alarming though that we are not able to replace Taylor during games due to lack of defenders.
it was not as close or bad as some pundits claimed and if Maeda had taking his chances he could have scored a hat trick with Abada not squaring to Kyogo and Kyogo blasting one over the bar we could have scored 6 or 7 today .
The new players all did well Hom, Yang and Rocki so all we need now is more recruits a centre back left back and striker.

BR has quickly reverted to his “double-talk” standards! Hatate is the best player at Celtic by a mile and should never be out of the team!
Everyone, except BR knows it! Our standards have dropped since last year and we’re now a team full of hesitancy and no understanding of how we should be playing! I fear for us in Europe as we have no bite in this team!

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I fully agree. I dont see what some managers get paid for. Its clear we have a lack of height but every player we are linked with is approx 5ft 8in when we played RB Leipzig it was like playing against athletes not that Celtic are not fit, just not tall. I CRINGE when our defenders match up at corners. My wife is a Leicester supporters and its clear that BR had a lot of alternative players in the squad but never played them I also think N Lennon had a much better European record than Br

Hearing the news that Hatate looks to be out for around a month surely opens up an opportunity for a player like Holm to stake a place in the first 11?

Thought he looked bright when he came on at Pittodrie and with more minutes under his belt, could easily slot in for the first Glasgow Derby of the season.

Think Turnbull would get over run in the middle if he starts, let’s just hope Brendan makes a decision to give us a right attacking formation to go at TRIFC 2012 :four_leaf_clover:

Jeemo bhoy have to agree with Holm over Turnbull at Ibrox we need pace and movement as that mob play all over the place unshaped just trying to stop us playing and annoying us.
id play him against ragdoll cant stand up well the cheat.

Delighted to eat my words Lagerbiekle is 6ft 3in hallelujah same for any future signings please

Just a quick one for anyone in the know, but is it only me left with no more forum reports to comment on?

On my set up, this post is the most recent one and no more updated posts have came up in over a week?

Any info would be great and if I have been sanctioned for something (I.e. openly not being a fan of our current manager) then please could I be advised :four_leaf_clover:

Watching todays game, looks like we’re back to boring sideways and backwards passing with no attacking threat?

Kilmarnock are not even sitting in? We look absolutely clueless, it’s embarrassing.

Scott Brown and Ryan Christie will probably be re-signed before the window closes to suit Rodgers boring predictable style :four_leaf_clover:

It didnt take long to turn one of the best Celtic teams into a confused bunch

what happened to the pod casts 67 hail hail or lack of items from Hamish and John ?