It looks like a done deal, well now it is, good luck Ange, will miss you mate.I'm sure you have all seen it but I have included Celtic's farewell video to Ange in this post

If the media is to be believed, it’s a done deal as far as Ange to Tottenham is concerned, shame but there we are.
If and when he goes, we should give him a warm and grateful farewell as he has been nothing short of amazing considering the shambles of a team he took on.
He turned everything around and made Celtic into a fighting team once more, for that I personally am very grateful.
There is no better time to depart Celtic than after completing the treble, I’m not sure how long the negotiations have been going on, but the man has integrity and made sure that he completed the task in hand and brought home the last Trophy before he left, he’s a giant in my opinion.
If you do move on Ange, good luck in your new venture, I will keep a close eye on spurs to see how you’re doing.
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Well, Ange has now departed Celtic for spurs on a four-year deal, which is unprecedented for Spurs.
The sort of deal he should have been on at Celtic by the way.
The players at spurs had better watch out because Ange will not tolerate laziness, If they don’t buy into his style of play they’re gone, and he won’t tolerate any player who thinks he’s bigger than the club.
I should imagine a few backsides are going to be kicked.

You will not be forgotten at Celtic, that’s for sure, love you mate, always will, Hooroo Ange, that’s goodbye in Australian. LOL :four_leaf_clover: