It's not looking good for him right now, his head must be in a turmoil

It’s hard not to feel sorry for Abada because he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place at Celtic.
It must be very hard for him to witness the unequivocal support for Palestine from the green brigade.
He may have lost members of his family or good friends in the massacre in Israel.
He must be heartbroken.
I hope he is getting the sort of support he needs from Celtic in this difficult time for him.
The question is, will we see him pull on the shirt again for Celtic?
I, for one, hope so, because he is a terrific player who loves playing for Celtic.

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I am led yo understand that the green brigade fo a lot of good work however I wish they would leave the politics out!!!

They embarrass or club on the wider scale
If I sm Abada then I would not play for Celtic again which would be a great shame a shame brought about by the green brigade and its latest banner

I wholeheartedly agree,
There’s football and there’s politics, and the twain should never meet.
It’s all very well having balls on the pitch, but we need some in the boardroom, when are Celtic going to say enough is enough and ban all flags and banners from the stadium.

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Totally agree! This board of directors are gutless and won’t do the right thing which is ban the GB from attending Celtic Park.

We don’t need the GB patronising us on the history of Celtic. Celtic fans know the history of Celtic. They also know where to draw the line on their own beliefs and political views. We go to Celtic Park to support Celtic and see the team winning. That’s all we care about when we are at Celtic Park. We then get on with our lives and support whatever cause/beliefs we have on a personal basis. Being patronised by these idiots is a non-starter. Get rid of the GB from Celtic Park. We don’t need them and we don’t want them. They can go to the multiple protest marches and whatever groups they like, but not in the name of Celtic.

It’s now up to the Board to act on behalf of the Celtic fans.

Very well said, my sentiments exactly.
Celtic, do us all a favour and great rid of them now.