Jota, what a great bit of business

It was a great bit of business selling Jota for £25.000.000, but the downside is, we can’t afford to bring him back.
He is now out of our reach, we just cannot afford him now, his salary is too high and so is his asking price.
So all the media frenzy about bringing him back is dreamland stuff.
The moral of the story is, forget Jota and look elsewhere.
He was brilliant for us but is no longer an option, I’m sorry to say.

May one day come back, if he’s just looking for football and not ridiculous wages?

Would also have been nice to have seen part of the money spent on 1 or 2 marquee signings :four_leaf_clover:

Jota will probably get £2M in his back pocket for the balance of his contract. Cat blame him for leaving gor that sort of money but now he had it would he not see what he had and come back minted

Its my understanding hes leaving on a free??

Wouldn’t mind if Ange loaned us Eric Dier for 6 months to get us through our defensive blip at the minute

If the guy is looking for football and we’re looking for cover, surely a perfect match?

Saw his name mentioned early in the week, would be almost like another Ramon Vega who done so well for us :four_leaf_clover:

Exactly, we definitely need reinforcements at the moment.

Defo an experienced tested centre half although Id expect his wages to be a stumbling block

Surely worth a £2 million gig for 6 months just to stabilise us? That would be almost £80k per week.

If we want to be the team we dream to be, this is the type of spending we have to make in the top end climate :four_leaf_clover: