Kyogo staying says it all

The best news in days. A real sign of intent Not to let everyone leave.

Onwards and upwards

As someone on line saud the name on the back of the shirt is not bigger than the name on the badge…unless…you venegoor of hessalink


As you say Mick, It’s great news that Kyogo has committed the next few years to Celtic.
He’s fallen in love with the club and it’s supporters, and IMHO BR will make him a better player, if that’s even possible?.
And it looks like Hatate Is also quite happy to stay as well now that BR has arrived.
I also think Liel Abada will also stay now that Jota has gone, he was a bit of an understudy to Jota to be honest, but hopefully now he’ll flourish in his own right, I’m sure BR will persuade him to stay and pick up the mantle that Jota has vacated, and give him the game time he truly deserves.
If we can keep the nucleus of the team, get rid of some the deadwood, plus add a few more class players that can slot straight into the team and hit the ground running, it can only be Onwards and upwards for this great Celtic team. :four_leaf_clover: