Leipzig 3 - 1 Celtic

Just finished watching the game and although the score line showed a comfortable cushion for Leipzig, I thought the boys worked hard against a team which evidently harboured more quality players.

I’m hoping these big games are offering our boys an idea of what type of level you have to be at. But at the same time, when we are playing against bang average domestic teams week in week out, we can’t expect an instant step up from them.

Overall, another result we didn’t need at the time but we still have 2 home games to gain some pride from and, fingers crossed, still remain in the hunt for European football in the latter part of the season :four_leaf_clover:

An inexperienced central pairing and losing Calmac doesn’t help, but let’s not make excuses, it’s not all over with two winable games to play at home, they just need to win them!!!

Just saw the goals and for me Joe Hart was at fault for the first two Leipzig goals, you just can’t make mistakes like that!!!

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