Mark the date when we lost the league

Todays the day when an 11 point lead was surrendered by Br

The sad bit is hes got us over a contractual barrel and we cant afford to ditch him

I hope this does not come true.

This will be a real test of Rodgers’ coaching credentials to make sure we start clicking and get a winning run going until the end of the season.

He said we were far too flat in the second half against Aberdeen? Isn’t that his job to see that and shout instructions from the sideline to gee the boys up?

The team too needs to start working for each other not themselves. Abada is desperate for form and needs a goal or two under his belt to regain his confidence, but sometimes he needs to pass rather than trying to score from tough angles. The same goes for Palma, the guy shoots far too often trying to be the hero. His greed and lack of finesse in his finishing is starting to cost us. In all honesty, when Maeda is back he’d be straight in the team before Palma for me.

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If you want 2 get back @ the board and there biscuit tin don’t go 2 the games,they brought back clueless as manager and of course the other 2 clowns r still there Kennedy and Strachan

Just watched our latest game against Hibs, my oh my how lucky were we?!!!

I thought we were actually not bad in our first half against Aberdeen showing a bit of pace going forward and creating chances. We showed none of that against Hibs at all.

I am clueless as to how BR has let us just fall apart? With the majority of Ange’s squad (who we know can click and play attractive football) playing a similar formation, how can we now look so disjointed without any ideas going forward?

After slagging the standard of Scottish refereeing too, namely John Beaton, Steven MacLean and Nick Walsh for their obvious blue allegiance, Mr Walsh has given us some massive game changing decisions to keep us in the fortunate spot we’re in at the minute.

How long can we ride our luck? Every game we play is torture to watch. I hope and pray we spark into form really really soon

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JEEMO as you know I have been against BR for a long time. When we won wverything 1st time around the football wasnt great to watch. I also have knowledge of what he did at Leicester. My wifes family are Leicester supporters and they agree that he just blames the board for lack of support. I agree the ref dud ys a few favours last night but we can do with the rub if the green

I agree with your comments however, I also dont like Strachan and Kennedy but Ange was successful despite them being there so I think the difference has to be the Manager. I know the players had a high regard for Harry Kuwel and he didnt take long to realise BR is a dud.

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