My team pick vs Lazio

Its harder than you might think to makes changes but here goes
Turnbull or Taylor
M johnson subs Vata included
Fed up trying to win in Europe with potential. Taylor too small Palma maeda hatste Abada would all have started if available managers paid to manage to be brave Brendon even consider moving Taylor into midfield

Late now but were you playing a 3-5-2?

No 4-3-3 was trying to get Taylor out of defense.
My points were
Taylor too small - he played LB and never really defended
M J ohnson is better than most and proved it when he came on

YANG nevrr beat a man and lost the ball 90% of the time just not got it

HO is like a lost wee lad
I am so pleased that Scales is showing well but I still think Phillips would have handled Immobily better and that Scales at LB would have been more secure a defender than Taylor
FOREST did quite well and it should have been Yang that was subbed. He can play either wing?
As for the deloyment of Kyogo in the centre of defense at corners??? Im afraid someone’s going to have to explain that one I feel that BR is correct we dont have ready made qualty however he doesnt use what he has very well as I think my team pick showed Rocco Vata is being pursued all over Europe why doesnt he get a run?
Never liked BR 1st time roind dont want him 2nd time round I wanted the guy who went to Leicester

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At the end of the day, we are just not good enough to compete in Europe.
Going to obscure leagues to buy players works fine for the national league, but not good enough for international duty.
As far as last night goes. I agree with Peter Grant, and It’s not often I agree with his comments, but this time I do.
He said that not playing Turnbull from the off was a mistake and I agree with him, also the inclusion of Forrest was a tactical error, I also agree with him. Forrest has been brilliant for Celtic, but he is getting on now and needs to be used sparingly.
Why was Bernardo included? And why start Taylor? Ralston would have been a better choice in my opinion.
We desperately need height and muscle in our team and needless to say, we need quality.
As the old adage goes, you need to speculate to accumulate if we want to compete in Europe.

Fully agree as a physical presence we are far too small and unathletic. Although Bernardo played he tried and had his best game However thats the problem
I have just watched a celtic state of mind on you tube and they all agree with what you and I and probably the majority of Celtic supporters know. We are not professionals gettng paiid to produce exciting football teams.

Its fair to mention these players not available who would have improved our chances how do you go out and by additional players who wont get a game once these players return? Brenden ruins players, Kyogo looks lost Maeda s still running but not improving and or home grown talent doesnt get a chance. A punter pointed out that Yang for instance is learning at the expense of Celtic and we will let him go and eventually he might play for Lazio. Id like to know who Celtuc fans think we can buy? VATA WILL LEAVE, BEN DOAK LEFT AND US IN LIVERPOOL 1ST SQUAD AND BOSUN LAWEL IS GAINING EXPERIENCE AND INTEREST ST FLEETWOOD.

The crux of the matter is Mick that we do not generate enough money to buy the sort of players who will bring us success in Europe.
We will always be in pot 3 or 4 in the Champions League, which immediately puts us at a massive disadvantage, because we then come up against teams with a far bigger budget than ourselves.
Those big budget teams are able to buy the sort of players who can more often than not guarantee success in Europe.
Unless things change, we will just have to accept our inferiority on the global stage.
The truth is, we are a big team playing in a diddy league.

Fully agree with all your points. As supporters we have to realise this. I often look at FC Copenhagen who somehow seem to do better than us. I really dont see the point of us havng to spend big , even if players did come , to win the SPL if we accept that and I regretfully do then why not have a team of Scottsh players? The Scanadanavian teams dont have many imports

Absolutely agree, we have so many talented scottish players who we tend to overlook, because in our blinkered outlook we tend to think foreign players are better than homegrown talent which quite often is not the case.
In actual fact Scotland is renowned for producing great players.
You only have to think back to the numerous foreign players who have failed to cut it at Celtic, and Rangers for that matter.
In fact we have quite a few playing for Celtic at this moment in time.

I think our division is absolutely rotten and it will act to kill any chance of us competing against lower level European teams.

Looking at the weekend just past, a tiresome draw against Motherwell. Any half decent European side would have found a plan B, C or even D to break these teams down and leather them.

It’s okay us keeping possession and trying to tire domestic teams out but they are smart too and know how to play the system. They sit in, conserve energy and often pick holes in our high press scoring 1 goal from 1 opportunity, keeping them happy.

The team has no killer edge attacking to simply put teams aside. BR has to admit that he has taken an attractive football playing team with building potential backwards.

Who approved Holm, Yang, Bernardo, Nawrocki and so on? They are bang average at best and show nothing to build on going forward (future).

Think Palma has been the best business this season but with his flair, he’ll be the next phase of the Celtic transfer model and be moved on to the continent for 2-3 times his initial transfer fee

I just keep looking at FC Copenhagen as a measure of our expectancy. Given everything that we use as an excuse they contradict them.
My 1st point what is the average height of the Copenhagen tesm vs Celtic

Can you name any player exceot Elyanousi

Can you name their manager

How much revenue do they generate

Add to that our current manager who I think ruins players Kyogi Vardy etc) so what we do have is not maximised
Its my view Brenden thinks a lot of himself and so so celtic. If as I suspect all agree in buying bettwe players then Brenden should grow a pair and say Im off because I cant help you to help yourself

Action lose upto 15 players on our books who don’t play then look at the s koreans are they really ready as for who to bring in ?? ANSWERS ON A POSTCARD

I agree with most of your points, Jeemo, but the problem is that players like Holm, Yang and Palma can’t show what they are made of if they can’t get playing time.
I think they are good players, but unless they get a run-out, their talent won’t come to the fore.
BR tends to stick with the same player’s week in week out with only minor changes to the team.
But it’s not working, we should be beating teams like Motherwell and any team that we face in the SPFL with ease.
The team that BR inherited was in brilliant form but look at it now, chalk and cheese springs to mind,
We need to give unused players a run-out, we can’t get any worse, but we might just improve.
And what’s happened to the one touch football that Ange brought in, the players are now taking too many touches, too many side passes, not enough balls into the box, overthinking things, I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the gist.


Nawrocki or lagerbielke must surely be better than Philips he’s awful im 5ft 7 I’m better in the air …ish :))

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