Owen beck 5ft 9 ,?

I see interest in owen beck I dont see him as any better than what we have. The lad Frith who played agsinst Fyernood was fine. Have we no idea that height is an issue taylor is a fine player but he is just too small as a fullback
I just dont see why BR cant see the need for height in defense? But then I cant see why he does most things

I simply just don’t think he bases his game off being big, strong and physically imposing defensively. We tend to have the majority of possession in most games domestically so he’d rather compensate for that and get technically gifted players in to the system instead. I’m also a big Bolton fan and saw bits of beck for us and he seems like he would be a good bit of business. The lad can run, he showed that he can keep fast players relatively quiet (maeda). If we are to get players like this though we can’t just sit him on the bench all the time, he will never progress or even push taylor. Game time is the key for the younger ones and there’s plenty of games in a season to give them a fair share, not just playing taylor 60 games a season like we do mcgregor