Past Masters and Favourite Players

Thought I would do a wee post Season Section trip down memory lane of my personal favourite Players of the past.
Starting with a true two footed legend of the game.

Michael Laudrup
An Attacking player who played for the likes of Barca,Juve,Ajax,Lazio and Real Madrid.
A truly outstanding dribbler with a burst of explosive pace and an incredible eye for a pass.
He must have been a fun king nightmare to defend against.
He would definitely be in my Word 11.

Ps He had a wee brother who played for a now defunct Glasgow Football team who wasn’t too shabby himself as a player but nowhere near on the same level as his elder sibling.

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Andrea Pirlo The Maestro The Metronome

Half Man
Half Magician

What a majestic footballer this man was.
A true master of the art of the Regista ,a player who controlled games from his deep role (as McGregor does now at Celtic) with an almost Satelite view of the pitch.
A true footballing IQ of supreme level.
Definitely in my all time top 10 of players.


Paolo Maldini

The greatest defender I’ve ever seen.
Supreme level Footballer who had it all and led by example.
If there were flaws in his game then he hid them well.
Van Dijk is great defender but would struggle to lace Maldini’s boots imo.

Ronaldinho perhaps the most gifted footballer to ever grace the game ?
Played with the smile of a man who evidently loved what he did.


For me growing up through the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s (probably still growing up too!), the EPL was always on TV when it started.

I’d have to vote Dennis Bergkamp as the most talented player not to mention most entertaining to watch.

Not the hardest tackler in the game but what he gave Arsenal in attacking options was phenomenal.

That goals vs Newcastle where he spun Dabizas will forever live with me as the best I’ve seen in my lifetime :four_leaf_clover:

There has been many great players over the years, Pele, Maradona, George Best, but for me as a Celtic man it has to be Jimmy Johnstone. When Jinky got the ball, it was showtime.

Diego Maradona he was my idol growing up, my nana and grandad went to Spain and brought me back a Barca shirt with his name on the back I loved that shirt.
, he was mesmerising to watch, his decline was so sad


He was in my list obviously but then so was this guy

ZZ was Tops


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My favourite Striker of all time.
The Phenomenon Ronaldo

Now for a wee bit more self indulgence with my bhoyhood hero.

Kenneth Mathieson Dalgish.

The Prince of Uruguayan Football in his pomp.

Enzo Francescoli

Loved a spectacular did Enzo …

3:05 Whits the goalie daein Tam?

Luis Figo
A proper baller who could make most players look like amateur’s when he was on it.

Superb technical ability.
Better delivery than Amazon

David Trezeguet
The poachers poacher.
A true lead the line no9 who hung around the penalty box like a Great White near a seal colony.
Thierry Henry said Trezeguet was the best finisher he’d ever seen.
High praise indeed from a master of the art of clinical finishing.

All you needed was a black pair of Puma Kings and 30% of his natural talent and voila yer the best ever in Scotland :joy:

The man was amazing.

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I had the boots but sadly not the talent :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Andreas Brehme
One of Germany’s defenders and a genuine quality box to box Wingback comfortable on both sides.

The Great Dane Peter Schmeichel.
Arguably one of the best keepers ever.
I’m not a Man Utd fanboy but he was simply incredible.

Fabio Cannavaro
Another one of Italian Footballs great defenders.
You might say he was short in height but for a defender he was absolute dynamite