Please help me understand how Celtic do business

Hi All,

I am not from Scotland, and I am hoping some of you will help me shed some light on what I believe is a rather mystifying issue, relating to Ange. But before I do that let me give you some stats:

  1. In 1.5 yrs Ange has won 3 trophies with the possibility of another 2 before the season is finished
  2. Celtic win/loss ratio since he arrived is up at around the 85% mark (its off the charts)
  3. This season Celtic is on course to score 100 goals (I am not including FA Cup and League cup goals here; and if I did that it is already well over 100 goals)
  4. Celtic is also on course to achieve 100 points this season (a 100 goal and 100 point season…how often does that happen?
  5. The signings he brought into the club have by and large all worked, as he has an eye for spotting talent
  6. All signings have been for relatively modest fees, and I do believe this point is not lost on the money men at the club.
  7. +70 Goal difference is unprecedented at an average of approximately 3 goals per game. This is incredible

Given the above, please answer me this as I am really dumbfounded.

WHY THE HELL IS HE STILL ON A 12 MONTH ROLLING CONTRACT??? Why don’t you guys lock him in for 2,3,4 yrs or longer ?

Is it a problem with the Board, MONEY, or is that just the way things happen at CELTIC??

Give me some insight !!!

You made some really good points cstath3, but the one that stands out is the rolling contract scenario.
I absolutely agree, its bizare that Celtic haven’t tied him down to an extended contract, because believe me the EPL vultures will be circling during the summer, that’s for sure.
As for the stats, they make for good reading don’t they.
What an amazing manager.