Report: Celtic board still consider John Kennedy as a future manager down the line; another too

Originally published at: Report: Celtic board still consider John Kennedy as a future manager down the line; another too

The Celtic board still consider coach John Kennedy to be a managerial candidate down the line in the post-Ange Postecoglou era, The Athletic has reported today. The outlet believes some in the boardroom still have faith in Kennedy to take charge of the club one day, despite an uninspiring interim spell in charge of the…

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He could only have the players play fantastic tail end of the season, and drop the lazy ones and couldn’t do that? Yes, gun at the head like all in charge Neil. With the so-called big £70m French ladyboy?

Sorry? French lazy boy not ladyboy, my mistake. And he was such a fantastic player at one time with us?

What you’re mentioning scares me to death. He shouldn’t even be at the club. It shows you how clueless the board are. Hopefully Ange will get his own people in and punt Kennedy and Strachan.

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Finally someone with the gumption to say it!
I agree with you 100%!
John Kennedy is a huge part of the coaching staff problems we have had for the past two years! The board see him and use him as a mole, snitch, yes-man, whatever you need to call him!
Great potential as a player, unfortunate not to get the chance to fulfill it in the hoops.
But I wouldn’t trust John Kennedy as far as I could throw him. The same applies to Gavin Strachan and Stephen McManus!
It worries me that any manager worth his salt would accept a job while being told who his backroom staff are going to be!
To me, this worries me about Ange!

After reading this can’t c ang hanging around with them 2 Muppets still there means 3 yes men still there

Always said he must have comprising photos of senior celtic staff. JK has had 10 years to learn on the job and has failed. DD and PL are stubborn arrogant men who cant see what the majority of fans see.

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This just confirms that this board never know when they have constantly cocked up in so many matters Kennedy and Strachan not god enough to take the B team