Should never be allowed, but will the spineless board do anything about it?

When I saw that disgusting banner at the St Mirren game, I was truly appalled.
In my opinion, there is no place at football matches for this type of banner, regardless of where your political persuasion’s lie.
Football is football, politics is politics, never the twain should meet.
Football stadiums are a place to go and enjoy a good match, meet up with friends, socialize, bring your family, bring your children.
It should be a safe haven, a place to leave the outside world outside for a couple of hours, but to have that egregious banner in your face is a total disgrace, not only that, it’s bringing the game into disrepute and embarrassing Celtic football club.
Celtic needs to act now, enough is enough, the longer they allow this to go on the worse it will get.
The GB need to be told that either this behaviour stops, or they will be banned from attending matches, and their season tickets will be reallocated to respectful and responsible fans, full stop.

This should not be allowed to continue, Celtic do something now before you receive another massive fine.

What banner are you referring to?

This one.

Appalling! I watched the game on tv but that banner wasn’t shown and I’m not surprised! On the matter of VAR, why is a politician like this on the VAR panel when there are surely more suitable, less controversial, candidates available? VAR in Scotland has been handled appallingly - no consistency, slow, unreliable, controversial and I certainly get why our fans feel we are being treated unfairly over penalty and handball decisions. Is there bias against our club from Douglas Ross? Who knows but surely there are more suitable panelists than him available to do the job!

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I hear what you’re saying, Dom, but I don’t subscribe to the conspiracy theory that Celtic Is being treated unfairly.
I think it’s more a combination of teething problems and inexperience to blame.
Also, I think that the speed Celtic play at, especially Kyogo who is always on the verge of being offside, more checks on us may be made than other teams.
As time goes on, I think things will improve.
Wasn’t Douglas Ross on sideline duty for the match? Therefore, had nothing to do with the VAR decisions during the game.

Martin, my point is really this - can they not train full time, non-political panelists who can offer a speedy, reliable and consistent VAR service that we all have full confidence in to avoid the suspicion of impartiality and the allegations of incompetence?

That would be the perfect scenario, but can you honestly see them forking out for that.
That should have been in place from day one.
I agree there is a problem with impartiality, that seriously needs to be addressed asap.

To be honest, there was one word missing from that banner, which would have made it a little less vulgar to view, the word being Greedy, at a time when the Green Brigade and other supporters groups are raising money for food banks and to help the thousands of poor struggling people in Scotland.
Mr Ross, has two well paid jobs and flaunting both on television.
If he wants to be a ref or Linesman as a hobby, fine, go do it voluntary in a wee public park.
i hate the Tories, and agree football and politics are not a good mix, as i hate the scottish tories too (SNP).
This attention seeking RED CARD, RED CARD, linesman who seemed keen, to get Jozo sent of against the huns, is an attention seeker, and brought this on himself.
keep politicians out Footbal, rather than politics.

Hughmac I agree with most of what you say, but the word c*** should not have been displayed on that banner, there are a lot of words which could have been used to express the point.
I for one can’t stand the guy, that match where he shouted red red red was disgusting to say the very least.
But when there are young kids and children at a match then that sort of language should never be displayed.
I agree that they do a lot for charities and food banks which is terrific, but they let themselves down badily with some of their banners i’m afraid.

yes MBM there are times, they try to be too clever, letting themselves down, i understand what you say, and i too have cringed at the wording, of some banners.

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I saw nothing despicable with Green Brigade’s banner , G B were telling truth & should be applauded. I am a grandfather & father who has reared my 5 children to be outstanding citizens , I have no doubt when children they knew the word& meaning of “cnut”That didn’t have negative affect on them . Ross uses his anti Celtic bias to fasten down his hun & loyalist vote . We need more attacks on his kind & VAR

I respect your opinion Geraldine1953, but I disagree that there was nothing wrong with this banner.
I think there is no place at football matches for that language on banners.
Whatever he is, whoever he supports, kids should not have to witness that banner, and I stand by that.

MBM , you can’t be serious , if u are a Celtic supporter and thinks there isn’t a constant bias against Celtic by the elite referees & VAR operators, starting with Head of Refs Crawford Allen & each & every ref. This season is just as bad as season we lost out on 10 in a row , when Celtic Board queried process as how Jota goal was disallowed, they were not given explanation but almost every Celtic goal since was subjected to 2-3 mins scrutiny , far longer than any other team . One club hasn’t conceded a penalty in SPL for 20% of its lifetime whilst Celtic although attacking almost non stop have conceded more than most other SPL teams .
If u are a Celtic supporter please seek treatment

I think we should just agree to disagree, Geraldine1953, I can’t chat now because my psych nurse is here with my medication LOL