Talk about throwing your toys out of the pram

Geez, Rangers, give it a rest.
We beat you fair and square.
It was nothing to do with the referee, the linesman, the ballboys being too quick or the lack of your thuggish fans.
It wasn’t a penalty, it was an offside, get over it.
All this bleating and moaning Is simply making you look stupid and childish.
The best team won, simple.

I wonder if they hadn’t sneaked that goal towards the end, and we’d run out the worthy 2-0 winners we deserved to be, if they’d still be whinging?

They fail to realise that their squad of bargain basement, injury riddled foreigners still can’t compete with us.

Most derbies they stick with Tavernier, Goldson, Barisic and another centre half against us. They don’t learn these guys are bunk and our forwards have field days against them.

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Apparently Barcelona went overboard when they eventually had a penalty given against them after 79 games without one
They even considered taking legal action lol

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Must be a thing about all these clubs who are riddled with debt? They feel they’re owed so much by everyone else.

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