The levels we should be aspiring to

Celtic have struggled to make an impact in the Champions League for one reason and one reason only.
We aren’t clinical enough in our finishing up against better quality in Europes top Competition.
We have created plenty clear cut chances in the games without being clinical.
This suggest we are good enough to be there but perhaps lacking in this one key area where it matters most.
There’s levels to this game and unfortunately our attack have been found wanting for the most part.
If you want an idea of the levels required to make serious inroads take a look at Salah’s first goal v Spurs yesterday.

Top drawer attacking play from one of Europes finest finishers.
His movement and run after winning the initial challenge from deep is brilliant.

Great point and evidence my friend! We could all see and feel how hard it was for our forwards missing sitters in Europe but I don’t think we’ll be able to afford talent like the Salah class.

Attracting top talent to our division with trips to teams like St. Johnstone and Kilmarnock not to mention the potential every year to have a crack at Arbroath in Arbroath via the Scottish Cup may not cut it for most.

I think we may have to look at our coaching to aspire to the level of finishing you are talking about Cyan. We need to knuckle down hard on the finishing between now and the end of the season and completely blow teams away. We have it in us, we just have to practise and build belief in our current crop :four_leaf_clover:

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