Transfers but who will come?

Everyone agrees January transfers are required, for lots of reasons.

Lets however be realistic who will come to the Spl ?

The league is one where prospect players use to get to the English Premiership.

So if you are, for example playing for Leicester, would coming to Celtic improve your chances. Also the likes of Duffy and Phillips have not shone when they have been on loan to Celtic. So its a bit of a risk.

I cant think of an established player who will transfer to Celtic ( or Rangers) maybe you can?
Just because Br wants 4 or 5 players ready to start playing its going to be difficult to lure them to Celtic in Jan without european competition

I think the scouts have to be sent out to simply run the rule over guys who would cost more than what we’ve traditionally paid for players.

I know bigger transfer fees do not guarantee a quality player but we’ve done the £2-3 million players from Asia and Scandinavia and they simply bulk up the squad.

Why not look at teams from Italy, Spain, France and Germany and see if you could tempt better quality players?

In terms of shopping, I feel we need a Goalkeeper, More defensive minded Left Back, A pacey Centre Back, A box to box Midfielder with a keen attacking sense and a poacher of a Striker.

If we could get those positions locked in and spend around £30 million, I think that would be the kind of statement the fans are looking at right now.

Outgoings would be: Bain, Bernabei, Turnbull, Bernardo, Yang, Kobayashi, Welsh, McCarthy, Mikey Johnston and Tillio

We won’t do anything for a GK in January. Hart NEEDS replacing but that won’t happen until the summer imo.

I can’t see why we’d get rid of Bain at the minute. He’s likely on a pittance and is decent enough for the league. The others can all go. I’m so, so bewildered by Tilio. We really bigged him up on the socials only for him to fail spectacularly.

I am very much beginning to put blame on the manager for this. There’s no style of play and if he doesn’t have the players to do what he wants, then he has to change that.

Would Daizen Maeda work as a box to box midfielder alongside Calmac and Matt O’Riley?

Just a thought in the remaining absence of Reo Hatate, does Maeda have the mindset to step into the centre of midfield helping out our backline and supporting our attacking?

I know I don’t pick the team and it’s probably seen as an absolute wildcard, I just thought the distance he covers from left wing all the way back to our own bye-line at times, I think he’d save some energy in midfield

Good idea not to be ignored. I think same for Taylor and james McCarthy however! ROGERS is behind you and I in alternative thinking. .?

Rodgers no plan B and is a yes man 4 the board he needs 2 get rid Kennedy the defence is a nightmare also LAPTOP Strachan also Taylor and Hart 4 a 6ft 4"in and he can’t even come catch a ball in his 6 yard box what is the keeper’s coach doing all the team’s just pump tha ball into the box tell Taylor that celtic colours R green pass sideways and back that’s his game .

Let’s hope BR and his back room team have seen the imposters letting our team down and leading our club into a, highly unnecessary, title fight.

From this, top quality has to come in and blow any title challengers.

This should have been done years ago when TRIFC 2012 were first establishing but our penny pinching board got lazy???

BR and his staff r all yes men 4 the board the sooner Kennedy and laptop Strachan go the better 4 the defence 2 tighten up

Do you mean as like an attacking mid just behind the striker, if so that could potentially work but if you mean slightly deeper then I’m not too sure as his passing isn’t always the best as well as his close control and technique which would no doubt let him down in a lot of scenarios. I like the idea of changing players original positions around though as I believe we have certain players that could suit other roles but we just never seem to utilise this option and always go with traditional positioning

Hopefully this Kuhn guy is not another Haksabanovic?

£3 million doesn’t get you much these days. Let’s hope the guy has genuine “quality” and his team are asking such a low price to help the guy get on in the football world

Im not sure we need another winger however, taking stock we have
Palma keep
Maeda keep
M Johnson let go
Forest keep but use sparingly
Abada keep
Kwan let go
Kwon let go
So we have 4 for 2 positions plus any aspiring from the B team
A couple of injuries and I supppse we could be stretched? But buying another winger under the current banner “must be 1st team ready” would not be my priority. I get the feeling we are being conned with promises of 4 new players. But whats new

Still waiting Brendan???

Surely he knows no transfer activity and allowing the January window to pass without adding better quality to our squad will not go down well.

TRIFC 2012 look to be again chucking the kitchen sink at their title push. I just hope we don’t get done sleeping at the wheel again?