Well done GB, you've done it again

Three more fines to add to the long list of fines that the Club has had to pay due to the stupidity of a minority of fans.
€17,500 for the Palestine flag display.
€3,500 punishment for the lighting of fireworks.
€8,000 fine for the blocking of passageways inside Celtic Park.

How much longer are we going to put up with this GB mob before we ban them for good.

They have brought the good name of Celtic football club into disrepute too many times.

My sentiments exactly if only Celtic could counter-fine the Gb better off without them

I would love to know how much the GB has cost Celtic football club.
Can anyone enlighten me?

There is also a counter-argument to what is being proposed to ban the Green Brigade and to be fair and balanced in this discussion, I do think you need to look at the overall picture or 2 sides to this proposal.

Celtic Football Club did indeed get fined for Palestine Flags being waved, and I accept not every Celtic football fan is in favour of Celtic Football Club being continuously fined because of these actions.

The counter-argument to the above is that what the Green Brigade is looking for - i.e. peace in the Holy Land and a permanent ceasefire is what 800,000 people are participating in London nearly every weekend - in a peaceful rally.

I think there were only 10 arrests in these peace rallies on the pro-ceasefire cause and one of these people was a beautiful Jewish woman in her 70’s who had never been arrested before in her life but yet in her own words “could not stand by while this genocide occurred” and wanted to let the world know that the indiscriminate bombing of Palestine was not in her name, just like the 1000 plus American Jews who occupied Grand Central Station in New York and also said “Not in my name” just like the Heradi Jews of Jerusalem and Israel who also say “Not in My Name”.

On traveling the world, just like Hamish did earlier this year in the USA and going to Celtic fan clubs, one of the most embellishing and uplifting aspects of Celtic Football Club worldwide, just like Barcelona is that they are more than just a football club, they / we are often a light in the world for liberty, equality, fairness and freedom. Not every fan wants to acknowledge that or maintain that mantle as with that comes a heavy burden of responsibility and criticism, from UEFA etc, but Celtic has always been a grassroots club going back to Brother Walfrid Kerins.

So in summary I would say while most of us in the security of our own homes get ready for Christmas, look forward to seeing our beloved Celts play over Christmas, spare a thought for the families in the Holy Land who will not have this luxury.

I absolutely get your point, I also sympathise as the whole world does with the plight of the Jewish nation and the Palestinian nation in equal measure.
What I do object to though is having it rammed down my throat when all I want to do is watch a football match, not be subjected to a political rally.

In my opinion, the green brigade is shaming the worldwide reputation of Celtic football club.

If you want to show or display your feeling for the terrible situation both of these Countries find themselves in, please do it elsewhere.

Nothing you say will change my mind on this matter.

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