Well, it appears that the Celtic board have finally come to their senses

Celtic suspend Green Brigade from attending all matches, both home and away, that’s according to the Glasgow Times.
If it’s true, then that is very good news as far as I’m concerned.
The amount of fines Celtic have had to pay because of their behaviour is staggering.
Let’s see how long It lasts?.
But kudos to Celtic for standing up to them, no pun intended. :four_leaf_clover:

Celtic board fo the right thing this bunch of green brigade then continue to show defiance at A Madrid waving Palestine flsgs. As if getting thumped 6-0 wasnt bad enough, we still have our club disgraced by these brigade people who KNOW the clubs stance as non political cant stand wont accept it feel ashamed of MY club

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Yes, I know, but what’s the club going to do about the GB, short of removing their season tickets and banning them for life.

I have read that Celtic will offer alternative seats to those who wish to no longer be associated with GB approx 250 people in GB so it looks like Celtic trying to break them up also Celtic considering giving the standing area free tickets to groups of people who may not otherwise be able to attend. IF this is all correct I dont think they could handle it much better also Celtic happy to pay remaining part of season tickets to anyone who has one in that part of the ground, however by doing so they concede their season ticket

If that’s true, It sounds like a good way forward for the club, because at the end of the day something needs to be done, that’s for sure.