Well well well, here we go again, on the BR merry go round

I personally never thought we would see BR back at Celtic, but here we are.
It hit me hard when he deserted us mid-season for what is generally regarded as a smaller club, albeit in a bigger league with bigger finances and a much larger pay packet.
But now he’s back, we should all get behind him and hope he brings the same sort of success that he did previously.
I’m sure that one of the stipulations from him before accepting the post, apart from the backroom staff remaining, was a decent size war chest to enable him to bring in one or two quality players.
Not only to enhance the fantastic team we already have, but to enable us to do better in Europe.
I’m absolutely sure that our existing players will love working under BR because there is no doubting his managerial skills.
Also, worth considering is that his style of play is different to AP’s and the players that didn’t fit into AP’s style of play may well flourish under BR, such as David Turnbull and James Forrest for example.
Furthermore, Sead Haksabanovic may well get more game time.
A reluctant welcome back Brendan, bring us to the next level and all is forgiven, not forgotten but forgiven.
If you do desert us again, do it at the end of a season, not in the middle of one. :four_leaf_clover:

Your article mentions his style of play.
I dont like his style of play I didnt want him back because he left in the middle of a season I was glad he left because of his style of play and poor player choice.

My wife is a Leicester city fan and I watched them since he left Celtic.

Dangerous passing across the back and penalty area. One forward , ruination of perfectly good players like vardy, inneacho, daka, Schmeichel tielimans, choudry, mendy the list goes on. No significant signings. Oh and Leicester got relegated with a team of players most people thought very strong. 5 Leicester players are in the Belgium 1st team that played this week. Prove me wrong Br

OK, I hear what you’re saying, but there’s no denying that he did very well for our club.
His style of play may not be as exciting to watch as Ange’s but if it brings success in the league, and also in Europe, then that’s good enough for me.
At the end of the day, It’s done and dusted, he is our new gaffer and I, for one, will give him my complete backing and support. :four_leaf_clover: