What an absolute disgrace

Ange Postecoglou’s contract expires in 3 days and the board has done nothing to sign him up long term.
What the hell are they thinking.
This guy is the best thing since sliced bread, but as far as the board signing him up long term, they are in a state of catatonic stupidity.
It wouldn’t surprise me if he decided to go to Spurs if this is what the board thinks of him.


This is news filtering around :four_leaf_clover:

Be lovely to have him for another 8 years to complete 10 in a row and win the Champions League:-)


Apparently, Ange has just signed a 4 year deal according to my what my mates have heard just now.

If that’s true Dom, that would be FANTASTIC.
Would love to know where the inside information came from, or is that just wishful thinking?.
But on the other hand, if it is true, and he signs on for 4 years, that means if a club comes in for him, they will have to have deep pockets because Celtic will want a huge transfer fee.
I’m sure I’m not the only one that could see this situation arising if Ange was successful this season, so what on earth possessed the board to leave it to the last minute, shortsidedness doesn’t even touch it.

I hope it’s true. The guys I know are level headed and have good connections but you don’t know for sure until it’s announced - announcement apparently delayed until Friday/Saturday as a cup final booster. Fingers crossed. I suspect that if this is true, Ange has signed a four year deal and shown commitment to the club in an attempt to keep his top performers from leaving in the summer - which he has told the media may well happen when the bigger clubs come knocking…

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I hope he stays yet fear the worst sadly our business model applies to players and coaching staff if/when he gets his millions I hope he falls flat on his face and lands on Brenda hh

I know where you’re coming from, Dmc70.
That was my initial feeling when the news broke, but on reflection I looked at what he brought to Celtic, and what state the club is in now he’s leaving, and the answer is the club is in a far better state now than when he took up the post.
His brand of football made the world sit up and take notice, as did the astute signing’s he made.
The team was in disarray when he arrived, but now he is leaving a strong fighting force of a team, a team that Celtic fans are truly proud of.
I can’t see any comparisons between him and BR to be honest, BR deserted us midterm and didn’t give a toss about the club or how our loyal fans felt.
Ange on the other hand made absolutely sure the treble was secured before moving on.
That, to me, spell’s integrity.
At the end of the day, managers and players alike come and go, that’s the nature of football.
That’s why I wish him all the best in his new post, and I hope he is successful and truly adored by Spurs fans as he was by Celtic fans.

Same.result and the.rangers in disarray I just expected more I aint disillusioned just listening to his spiel he sounds like brenda

Hi all,

I did say a while ago, that if the board had any sense they shouldve tied Ange down to a 2-5 yr deal. They didnt and now Ange walks away to a bigger club, a bigger pay check, and Celtic get next to nothing back. This one year rolling contract is ridiculous when viewed thru the lens of what he achieved in a short space of time, and continues to achieve in his 2nd yr.

Its shameful and unfortunate.

You’re so right, cstath3.
This one year rolling contract is so stupid it beggars belief.
It simply allows other clubs to come in a and do a smash and grab raid on our managers and fork out next to nothing, If Ange had been on a 4 or 5 year deal the compensation would have been enormous for the club.
I can see why they do it, because if the manager is on a 4-year deal and things don’t work out, it can prove to be expensive for the club to get rid of him, I get that, but it’s a Celtic own goal when the manager turns out to be brilliant like Ange.
Perhaps this is a wake-up call for Celtic and the next manager will be on a 4-year contract, but I’m not holding my breath.

Feels like a broken heart a guy walked on water after his initial blip then lied his ass off we deserve better regardless of the hype i hope he reaps what he sows still in a daze I kinda believed…more fool me

I know how you feel, Dmc70.
Million’s of fans around the world feel exactly the same as you.
But I’m afraid to say the story doesn’t end there.
If the media is to be believed, a huge offer will come in shortly for Kyogo from Spurs, one which Celtic will find very hard to turn down.
A lot of clubs are looking at Matt O’ Riley as well.
We’ll also find it hard to hold onto Jota and Abada I’m afraid.
John Kennedy has also informed Celtic that he wants to join Ange at Spurs.
This could be a transfer window from hell for Celtic.
But that’s what happens when a club is successful, the vultures begin swarming.

I feel utterly betrayed I believed in ange and Brenda when will I learn we r a plc its us that enjoy the emotional wringer…ahem I need a break tbh