What has happened to our team?

At this moment in time, this team couldn’t punch their way out of a paper bag.
How is it possible that the whole team is off form?
The answer is simple, the team is just not buying into BR style of play.
If things don’t turn around dramatically, this league has gone.
Brendon, either step up or step down.
Kyogo, Calmac, Maeda, O’Riley, all brilliant under Ange, all terrible under Rodgers.
Get it sorted now before it’s too late, if it’s not already?.

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No tempo from backwards and sideways slow passing giving our opposition all the time in the world to regroup and get in position before we decide to attack.

Same old boring stuff we were fortunate to get away with when Rodgers was in charge before.

If that’s all he can get out of the team without pushing hard with other plans, then I like most think Rodgers must go.

Ange had guys bursting to get forward from all over the park and shouted in disgust from the sidelines if we started going backwards. We get nothing from Rodgers in an attacking sense. The players have proven for the last couple of seasons that attacking football, pummeling teams was the type of football they were capable of but more importantly enjoyed.

The guys are simply turning up for their wages at the minute, no interest in developing or staying at the top of their game.

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Lawwell and son should b the first 2 go followed by Kennedy and Strachan let Rodgers suffer till the end of the season that he’s never had a plan B the only way he knows is side way’s and back.

I think that I was guilty in past posts of a knee-jerk reaction because of anger/ frustration at how things are transpiring results-wise.
I now think we need to wait a few weeks to see what happens regarding results.
If things don’t improve, then yes, heads need to roll.

Watching events from Ibrokes yesterday shows that any games TRIFC 2012 face against teams managed by ex Glasgow Rangers players will now be played like preseason friendlies or testimonials.

Hearts were not interested one bit in their latest SPFL “dead rubber” giving TRIFC 2012 all the confidence in the world.

Fair enough, their goal difference may go through the roof but it’s points that count and if we can muster some bit of winning form which sees us win every game until the end of the season, then on paper we should win the league by 4 points minimum.

The guy baffles me (Rogers) he said, and I quote " not one iota of the way they played last year has changed"

Answers on a roll of wallpaper

If it wasnt so depressing I would write down all his reasons for failure and inexplicable statements and add it to his CV when he leaves us and some unfortunate team seeks his outdated skills

If we can play for 90 minutes with the same tempo that we played in the second 45 minutes against Motherwell, then some of the problems we experienced in recent matches will be resolved.
But on saying that, our passing has got to improve significantly.
I lost track of the numerous misplaced passes in the Motherwell game, and one of the biggest culprits was Taylor.
Not only were his passes going astray, but it appears to me that he very rarely passes forward, he either passes sideways or back, perhaps I’m nitpicking here, but that’s how I see it.
But credit to Taylor for his beautiful cross from the left-hand side to Idah to score the first goal.
It was more like Celtic in the second half.
What is going on with Maeda, he could and should have scored twice, but he seems to panic in front of goal, that needs sorting out ASAP.
I was very impressed with Idah, without his two goals it would have been another disastrous afternoon. Perhaps Kyogo requires a well-earned rest and give Idah a run of games in his place, or start both of them up front.

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As expected, Killie fall to TRIFC 2012 at home?!!

Killie 1-0 up and dominating the game yet you couldn’t pay McInnes to smile

We just have to match or better what our newest Glasgow rivals do from now on and beat them when we meet in the last 2 remaining derbies

Psh beyond Psh, nothing else to describe our efforts in Edinburgh

Let’s hope BR has a massive poker face on as to this year’s title destination.

Both sides at the “top” are nothing short of sh*te?

Let’s hope Hibs investment raises the stakes in our game. Make the league more watchable