What's going on with VAR

Rangers awarded a dubious penalty and Celtic not awarded a definite penalty, what’s going on.
The rules state that if a player makes himself bigger or raises his arms, then it’s a penalty.

That’s exactly what Connor Goldson did, he raised his arms and the ball strikes his hand, why is that not a penalty?.

Even the Sportscene punters reckon it was a penalty, and that’s saying something.

And the penalty that was awarded to Rangers was a joke, the player actually stood on Starfelt’s boot, how on earth is that a penalty, OK he did slide in, but he didn’t catch the player.

Wasn’t John Beaton pictured enjoying a pint in a Ranger’s pub in 2019? That tells you everything you need to know.

VAR is a joke as far as I’m concerned.

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Think it’s been said before, “Videos Assisting R*ngers” :four_leaf_clover: