What's on earth's going on Brendon? You have managed to turn a brilliant team into a bang average one

Ange had a team that was perfectly honed and playing exciting football.
What we have now is a team that’s playing like a Saturday morning pub team.
I’m totally baffled, has he lost the dressing room?
Being beaten 2.1 by Kilmarnock now 2.0 by Hearts what next?.
When was the last time we lost two league games in a row?
We had players who were desperate to play for Ange, now we have mostly the same players that don’t want to play for Rogers, baffling.
Are we saying to Ranger’s, merry Christmas Ranger’s take the league, we don’t want it, enjoy?
Taylor has played too many games, he must be knackered, why not start Ralston instead.
Why is he picking mikey Johnstone? he’s not up to speed after being out so long.
I’m picking at straws here because I don’t know what the answer is, apart from parting ways with BR and bringing in someone who actually knows what they’re doing.

Here here!

No straws being picked at all, probably only the start of the questions most Celtic fans would be asking about how BR has managed to drop the ball.

BR managed us in a far easier league before. Now TRIFC 2012 and Aberdeen have got stronger, to name a few, and we can’t compete with the crap we have in the squad.

Dec 30 is now a “must win” game which we should never have really had to worry about. All the early hard work has been undone and we’ll now see how much BR has ruined Ange’s winning machine.

Starting guys like Mikey Johnston is as good as playing with 10 men, the boy is rotten full stop.

Back to losing goals from set plays into the box too. BR’s game plan, if any, is amateur at best.

Long way still to go in the season but if the boys don’t start digging in, I suspect it may be another embarrassing season handing TRIFC 2012 their 2nd league title when they should have been dead and buried

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The situation has become dire Jeemo.
We are 5 points clear at the top, but rangers have two games in hand.
They play St Johnstone tomorrow and quite frankly I can’t see them losing that one.
If they do go ahead and win, that puts us two points clear.
The team needs a good kick up the you know what.
Ok the second game in hand won’t be played until after they’ve played us, so we might be able to pull three points back.
But considering we were eight points clear not so long ago, how did this situation happen, Brendon?
We’re all interested to know, how you managed to turn a brilliant team into a terrible one?

That’s Calmac and Brendan came out in recent weeks asking for more “quality” around the squad, these guys are front line and are admitting we don’t have enough?!!

Let’s see the board now react and take a “chance” on breaking the wage budget to get some quality in.

We are a club with worldwide fans from over 100 years, don’t our fans deserve a chance to see our top end members have a go at the rest of Europe and prove we can punch well within our weight?

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I have been saying it since BEFORE brenden arrived He RUINS players confidence.
LEICESTER vardy iniachio indidi mendy schmichael
CELTIC kyogo johnson maeda
Its his fault yesterdays bench raised a lot of concerns
Why was Maeda started on the bench if hes fit he should start
WHY was kwan on the bench didnt get on hasnt started
Why was Bernabi on the bench having not been selected all season hes expected to fit right in and win back a 2 goal defeat
WHY was lagerbielka not on the bench
WHY was Finch? The young lad who was put in to win against Fyernord not on the bench?


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You’re right, we are going backwards, not forward under BR.
I’m not usually into conspiracy theories, but do you think this is a ploy to get a nice kitty in January to bring in new players.
I mean, let’s face it, he has made a hash of his starting line up’s in the last few games.
He’s leaving players on the bench who should be starting, He’s using players who are not in form, he has a wealth of talent that he’s not utilising.
What’s happened to Tilio, Holm, Nawrocki, Lagerbielke.
Why have these players available and not use them, surely they can’t be any worse than Turnbull, M Johnston, Taylor etc, It’s mind-boggling, why bring them to the club and not use them?
And let’s face it, even the quality players he inherited appear to have lost the plot under his direction.
Even a rookie manager wouldn’t do what he’s doing.

Ralston must start the Glasgow Derby on the 30th Dec 2023!

Ali J needs at least 6 months rest #faggedrightoot!

CCV off with a potential strain, shouldn’t Welsh have started?

Just reading on one site that apparently it’s been leaked that Rodgers is “unhappy” with the 13 loan and full time signings we’ve made so far and will push for more money to strengthen next season, should he remain in the job?

I would love for him to simply come out and explain his idea of what “quality” actually means to him?

He’s got the current squad on the training ground most days and can see what abilities his players have. If he has an issue with the players’ level of “quality” and the board are letting him down, why can’t he try to coach in some of the “quality” he’s looking for from his vast knowledge of coaching/managing?

Ex-Celts are rightfully coming out and stating the current crop are not fit to wear the jerseys. On that, I do feel not everyone is pushing their limits for us and we are suffering badly from it. I’d hope the players see/hear this stuff and look to set things right?

Rodgers too has to be on these guys (Bernardo, Bernabei, Palma, Ralston, Maeda, Abada, Kyogo, Idah, Hart, Johnston to name a few who just pull the jersey on without pride) and drum into them what it means to play for our club and if they’re not with it, they should be out.

Unfortunately we have too many wrongs crossing over in our quest to get on the right path. Surely the embarrassment of now being behind TRIFC 2012 should get anyone to get their heads into it and double down on efforts to get us rightfully back to the top of our domestic game?

Thr facinating thing about this string of comments is that it stretches back to the beginning of Dec.

I could cry at what Rogers and I guess the board, have done to my team

I feel your pain Mick, I feel exactly the same.
Celtic will not get rid of a Manager mid-season, that’s for sure.
Hopefully the team has an upturn in form and begins to show everyone that we can turn things round.